About a clarification of the "Timing Rules" definition
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[thread renamed from "Concerning a "Timing rules" definition update", for more clarity]

This is a thread meant to discuss the idea of updating the "Timing Rules" definition, aimed at all categories using it. This came to be because its instructions are unclear. Most specifically the latter portion of it, "and ends upon the fade to white after defeating Nahatomb.", which does not really indicate when to end the run exactly. It is confusing for new players, myself included because I had interpreted the rules as if it was required to time when the screen is completely white. Whereas most experienced players, have been timing on the moment Nahatomb's health bar was exploding, and for a long time it seems like. The decision will most likely go towards this way, granted if the majority stands for it.

Here's my take on how these rules should be read like : -Timing begins the first frame the player is starting to move, after getting past the initial cutscene in the first Vision. -Timing ends the first frame Nahatomb's health bar is either disappearing or exploding, during the fade out to white in the final phase." Now it's your time to decide, what do you think should be done ? I will let this thread open until the 31th of July at 23:59, after which the outcome will be pursued.

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I think the current end point is fine. However, what I'd suggest instead is a bit of a rephrasing on the rules, since it's a bit confusing still:

Personally I think the fact that it says "either this or that" could potentially be confusing. This run is too long to be timed down to the frame, so I think just rephrasing it to "the frame in which the health bar explodes" makes it concise enough.

Like I mentioned in the discord server, it's a bit of an issue if it's possible for klonoa to die at the endpoint, and if the player respawns at the fight, the run would be invalid. I still think the current end point works just fine, so what I'd suggest instead is adding a note on the rules stating that the video proof must contain at least a portion of the final cutscene to verify that the game has been beaten.


After consultation and discussion of the community (Which mostly happened on Discord), it has been determined that the timing definition rule would be re-written as this :

"-Timing starts upon the first frame the player starts moving, after getting past the beginning cutscene of the first Vision. -Timing ends upon the first frame Nahatomb's health bar in the final phase, is disappearing. -The recording proof must show the white fade out and the cutscene following it (both events happening shortly after the defined end of the run happened), in order to be considered valid."

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Realized the second paragraph of this new rule definition may be misunderstood. Here is a more detailed version : "-Timing ends upon the first frame Nahatomb's health bar in the final phase, disappears for one frame, right before it begins to shatter."

This is a visual indicator : https://imgur.com/a/y6fS9AT

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