Can use PS4 recording?
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Can use PS4 recording?
Goiás, Brazil

Hello, I'm a fairly new speedrunner myself and I don't have a capture card. I've been using Remote Play to stream my ps4 to my computer and recording there so I can include the timer. Unfortunately I have a pretty bad laptop and also not very good internet so usually the remote play disconnects or crashes disqualifying my run. Is there anyway I can use the PS4 recording and then add the timer afterwards? Or does someone has any ideas of timing directly on PS4? Thanks for everything and happy running!

Ontario, Canada

Seems like there's been some problems with PS4 recording when it comes to sending over some network, ever since Oct/Nov when the PS5 was nearing release.

Stick with the PS4 local recording. Annoyingly you can only make recordings 1 hour max. So if you're going to upload it in segments, mention that when submitting. There might be some time penalty invoked (difference from stoping the first recording and starting the second one), so to avoid suspicion I would say pick a part of the game where there is some downtime (loadscreen or otherwise).

I am not a mod here so take this advice with a grain of salt.


Since KH3 goes by IGT, you can use the local recording (which will produce 1h segments) and have all of those in the submission from start of the run to finish as usual. You can time the RTA on your own and submit that as RTA even if it is not on video. For example like this

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Goiás, Brazil

thank you very much for the help