Is a tutorial needed?
5 years ago
Jönköping, Sweden

I hear from a lot of people that they avoid this game simply because there's no video tutorial, despite them thinking the game itself looks fun from having watched other people run it.

I myself avoided this game for about 11-12months and kept holding off til someone made one. Turns out, I still ended up choosing to run this despite the lack of one. My own personal conclusion is that the game doesn't have too much crazy stuff to really desperately being in need of a tutorial, compared to say Metroid NES where there's alot of off-screen inputs for them screenwraps.

Kabuki is pretty straight forward, should anyone have questions about it then reach out to the community! Callumbal and Mithical were very helpful in answering any of the few questions I had. I would gladly lend a helping hand to new runners and im sure Butz would as well.

But the main thing I want people to understand is: Not every game truely requires a video guide on how to beat it, don't be afraid and don't deny yourself this awesome and fun title!

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California, USA

It would be cool to see a tutorial made for this game, just so there'd be more Kabuki Quantum Fighter content out there, but yeah I agree that this game doesn't really need one, it's a well-designed game where the speed-tech is practically built in. The run can absolutely be learned by studying a couple videos, and pure trial-and-error.

This is one of my favorite games ever made, love to see it picking up some steam lately.

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Michigan, USA

I never submitted my run a while ago. Need to do this again. Only game I speedrun actually. Anyways there is a some tips in live at Awesome Games Done Quick 2017

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