5 years ago
New Jersey, USA

Anyone ever consider running a hair only category? Obviously it would be more of a "standard attacks only", because of crouching on the 5th stage boss, and general hanging kicks. The last boss would be brutal. Landing enough hits in phase 2 with the hair while not taking too much damage is real hard.

North Korea

I tried, but could not beat the last boss only if i playing safe, it's long fight, i can't find fast strats on phase 2

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Jönköping, Sweden

Im always under the impression that this "challenge run" belongs on youtube and not on SRC. Im well aware there are boards whom for whatever reason, adds low% for those few handful of people wanting to duke it out for a free wr. But generally I do not consider it speedrunning as much as just a challenge.

California, USA

@shikaroxen I get what you're saying, but if there are multiple competitors "duking it out" for a WR, then it's not exactly free. There are games where the main category can't even bring in multiple runners, so a handful of players running a challenge category is worth recognizing.

I can't imagine it'd change too terribly much about the stages though, unlike the low% route for Ninja Gaiden. Here it'd mainly just make the bosses slower.

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