Mechanics Concerning Wall Jumps
5 years ago
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So in the FIRST stage lol, I'm having a huge issue with the wall climb section. Currently, I merely jump off the wall to the left instead of doing what I've seen in runs which is hopping off the wall and onto the top of the platform. Am I doing inputs incorrectly? I've literally attempted every input I can think of, and I cannot figure it out. Most of the run is straightforward and can be mimicked with practice (on the topic of a vid tutorial). Tutorials do help newer runners start wanting to run a game, but I agree and don't think that a vid tutorial is needed for this. It seems like this community is very positive and will answer questions! Thanks in advance all.

Like I can watch the vod of someone, see where they swap weapons, dboost, kill a boss, etc. I suppose it's a matter of how versed someone is in speedrunning tbh.

California, USA

I believe you press A to "dismount" from the ladder, and then press left + A to jump onto the platform, but it's an extremely tight window to get it, your tap to the left has to be really subtle and precise. I think the only other part of the run this trick is utilized is at one point in 5-2.

Jönköping, Sweden

According to callumbal, its a frame perfect trick. I believe its left - wait 1 frame - A. Its still worth practicing and going for though imo since its just a few seconds in on stage 1.

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