4 years ago
Cumbria, England

As you all likely know c.h.e.a.t is not the only hidden thing in Robocod: in the sports level you can spell l.i.v.e.s after the first spike pit to get, well, infinite lives.

I have absolutely no idea whether that might be useful for WR level in an Any% run, it will take a long time to work out though there may well be a good use of it in order to get lots of damage boosts through areas. I'm already finding it useful because of the star at the left pole giving me enough health to do 2 damage boosts in teddy land.

Do you think this should be permitted? I feel like it should - it's legitimately part of the game's intended play. It may well speed things up or at the very least it will make the horrible hitboxes a bit better ;)

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In my opinion this should be part of Any%, but I'm open to other opinions ^^

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