any% speed discussion
1 year ago
Cumbria, England

as per the game was released in Brazil hence why C.H.E.A.T runners use 60fps/NTSC, but so far any% has been played at 50.

What are everyone's thoughts, is anyone uncomfortable with the full game at 60 and what are the reasons if so?

just pitching in, since I've been redoing this recently :

I'm for enforcing 50 for the main category, due to us knowing for sure how the game should run for the EU version. real h/w users can run fairly, there are no graphical glitches (eg. snow) or things generally feeling off compared to other versions (eg. amiga).

main is more an investment, previous runs exist there, running @ 50 is a switch for most runners. I think there are more reasons for than against (especially regarding the ambiguity of this elusive PAL-60 version).

the small category is another matter. people intentionally or otherwise ran @ 60 on a version it wasn't designed for. it makes sense to allow it there since everyone has already, plus the extra pace makes it more interesting too. perhaps not for main, though.

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