A word on C.H.E.A.T timing
4 years ago
Cumbria, England

Timing is defined as starting on the frame you press (1) on the title screen (after you collected CHEA and soft-reset, unless you're some sort of masochist) and ending with the final hit to Maybe.

Take your framecount and use f/60.

When there are frame drops or ambiguities about that in runs, we can reference that point as: -Screen fades from f+3 -Screen goes black at f+11 -Pond appears at f+69

With C.H.E.A.T having become near perfectly optimised, it makes sense that we should adopt an endpoint which can be perfectly defined - it has been difficult in the past to be sure when a final hit was delivered because flashing animations have often stopped and started very quickly, and not all runs showed a frame count.

I would very much appreciate future runs being submitted with 60fps recording, and showing a frame counter. I may be able to interpolate the correct time for a 30fps recording but I cannot guarantee it and I would prefer never to have to deny someone a WR by one absent frame.

The intended 'stop' point of runs already on the leaderboard corresponds to the frame after the 50,000 point bonus is added on. This makes a very easy reference point for future runs and allows absolutely no ambiguity. With that in mind I have retimed the top runs so that they all end at this point. If there are any further points arising from this please do discuss them!

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