NG Hell Mode All Bosses category?
7 years ago
North Holland, Netherlands

Category has now been added by Xsalamander. Seems to be PS4 exclusive as far as we can tell at the moment.

Île-de-France, France

Sorry to ask here, but I can't find any information on Steam, Youtube, or even on Google.

I plan to try some runs in Hell difficulty, but the problem is: how the hell am I supposed to unlock this difficulty?

I tried a lot of things: different choices at the beginning of the game, getting the true ending again, ... but no avail, the game won't ask me about importance of battles in a game if I answered "Yes" to "Do you want a more difficult journey?", and then throws me on Hard difficulty.

Thanks in advance for any information anyone could provide.

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Wisconsin, USA

As far as I know it is currently only on PS4. When I get the time I will also test it on Steam and Switch to see if Hell is available.

Île-de-France, France

My thanks, and your check will be greatly appreciated.

I didn't expect the console version to be different. I will simply stick to Hard if Hell is not available on PC.

North Holland, Netherlands

Hell is not on pc unless it's hard difficulty HASTUR locked which I highly doubt.

North Holland, Netherlands

Also Sal, the NG hell mode run you verified is NG+ :) send you a message about it on twitter but I guess you don't read that.

Île-de-France, France


I did a Hastur true ending before asking here to be sure, but no avail. Hard is it then.

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