Anyone else want to moderate this game?
6 years ago
Virginia, USA

I unfortunately lost most of my interest in this game after the dash was significantly nerfed, and haven't kept up with it very well. If you'd like to be added to this game as a mod, please reply to this thread, preferably with a small statement why you would be a good choice.

Wisconsin, USA

I could try to help out with the ICEY LB since I'm getting back into running this game and I help out as a mod in the RWBY LB with Guides, Runs, and Rules. I also watched all of the other categories to see which one i would want to get into next

Ontario, Canada

I LOVE this game. I want to help in any way I can to make this a popular speed run. I am just getting familiar with the game, however, I am willing to help anyone who has questions about the game :)

Virginia, USA

Okay xsalamander, you're added. Thanks :)

Kharasho, as we discussed on discord, you could be added in the future once you have some more experience with running the game

Deleted by the author
Deleted by the author
Wisconsin, USA

Unfortunately I don't have the power to add anyone as a mod you would have to DM halfcoordinated as he is the admin of this LB or ask the supermods of

South Holland, Netherlands

halfcoordinated is quite active on twitter. I could ask him. If Eureka is still there.

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