Any% Guide by Khloë (August 2020)
Any% Guide by Khloë (August 2020)
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This is not a perfect guide on how to run the game, but it should help beginners. I will give some notes on version differences and once I have times on what a good timer delay is for start of run I will put that in too. I hope this helps you learn, it was just a run I did at licenseathon but it should still help as I was very in depth on things. Please know I will update this with time and new info whenever that emerges.



Across the board every game plays the same, but Wii has the most exclusive stuff. For the sake of not repeating myself just know PC/Ps2/GameCube/Xbox all have the same tricks, it is only loads that make them different.

PC: In terms of differences the only notable one for PC is that it has faster loads than any other version.

PS2: This version loads slightly faster than GameCube and goes about even with Xbox

Xbox: This version has the faster loads than GameCube and is about even with PS2. It is possible it is slightly faster, but I have not tested it myself to say 100% for sure.

GameCube: This version loads the slowest of all them. Will load slightly faster if played off a Wii, but if you have a Wii I recommend just getting the Wii disc as it is a better version.

Wii/WiiU: If you are playing on a WiiU you will get faster loads than a Wii, and Wii does have faster load time over every other console. Be careful not to shake the controller when running around because it can cause you to do a ground pound which will lose a second every time you do it. Wii can do a trick called two flame. This is performed in Volcano 2. I will link a video of Zetrile doing it as he is the only one who actively runs on Wii. The reason this is a Wii exclusive is because you can not get fast climb speed in other versions of this game. Due to this faster climb we are able to hold onto the flame for slightly longer and burn the spider web guarding the second nut. Here is a clip of Zetrile doing it:


Live split is the timer I would recommend you use! It is the most common amoungst speedrunners and has a lot of great features. When downloading I recommend getting the most recent version. Avoid the developer build as it is generally less stable. Here is a link to where you can get LiveSplit:

If you are having understanding how LiveSplit works then watch this guide. It is what I used to learn the program and is a great help when starting out!


-Right Click LiveSplit. Click "Edit Splits". -Near the top, you will see a field labeled "Start Timer at:" -For Wii the delay is -17.6 -For Xbox the delay is -16.5 -For PC runs the delay is -11.25 (I have not timed the other versions of the game, but will in the future and the guide will be updated when it is done)

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