Consistent Totem Skip Lineup in Sloth Village 02
1 year ago

Totem skip is the trick that allows you to feed only one red coin thing (?) to the totem in Sloth Village 02 and still get the Nut, saving a lot of time. Usually you have to feed 6 of them.

The tricky part about it is to get a jump off of vines. However there is a consistent lineup that makes the jumps work every time.

You have to feed one red coin thing (?) to the Totem, then you can go behind it and climb up the first vine until you reach that spot.

Then you need to position Scrat like shown on the picture, with his lower foot parallel to the shadow on the leaf:

Then hold right and do a double jump to kinda circle around the Totem. Scrat should grab the next vine on second jump. Climb up to that spot:

Then line up Scrat to get his lower foot texture to continue into shadow like this:

Hold right, do a double jump and try to grab the last vine. This double jump is a bit tricky. Scrat does not grab the vine in some situations if you hold forward+left. I do it like this: Hold Right -> Double Jump -> On the Second jump start to hold only Forward -> Left only. After you made it, just grab the Nut.

P.S. All 4 pictures have Scrat lined up. I drew red lines on second ones to get a better look on what you should focus on.

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