How to run the game in 1080p on PC
1 year ago

Ice Age 2 runs at 1024x768 by default, however it is possible to force it to 1920x1080 (or any other widescreen resolution) by using custom patch.

The program used to patch the game is called UniWS and you can get it here:

It does not support Ice Age 2 by default, but there is a custom patch that you can use with this program to make it work: (Fresh executable is included in case something goes wrong)

You have to replace patches.ini file in the UniWS folder or just add the Ice Age 2 script to existing file. You can also edit the script to make different resolutions, but I did not test it so it might not work properly.

After patching you have to set the game resolution to 1024x768 in the settings menu.

I did not notice any downsides of patching the game except different UI position. But 1080p makes lineups for some tricks easier.

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