Any% Guide by Zetris (Aug 2020)
Any% Guide by Zetris (Aug 2020)
Updated 3 years ago by Zetrile

Any% Guide for Speedurnning Ice Age 2. I am playing on the Wii version.

Here is a list of differences between the different versions of the game. Wii is the fastest to run on. Wii (Compared to PC/GC/PS2/XB)

  • faster digging
  • faster climbing
  • runs at 60 fps
    • leads into consistently getting more hits on Spider Queen resulting in 2 or 3 cycles
  • uses the pointer for most minigames
    • leads into maybe(?) faster choice selecting in minigames
  • faster load times compared to PS2/GC/XB
  • slower load times compared to PC


  • has almost instant load times. faster than Wii and much faster than GC/PS2/XB
  • runs at 30 fps
  • digging is same speed as GC/PS2/XB
  • climbing is same speed as GC/PS2/XB

GC/PS2/XB (Put together because they play and run the same. There are very slight load differences between these 3 consoles)

  • run at 30 fps
  • all same digging speed
  • all same climbing speed
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