*Community Code of Conduct
*Community Code of Conduct
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[big]Hollow Knight Speedrun Community[/big] [big]Code of Conduct[/big]

Community Feedback form to SRC Mods: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1XZBDvGQTw84Lf5958KEqcoPzQMyunNttoR7MiVqbbgs

[section=Purpose] Our Code of Conduct has been designed to help ensure that all members of the community are able to participate in an environment which feels safe, inclusive, and welcoming. It is our hope that all members of our community can be heard while feeling understood and valued; and when complaints are heard, we must also identify clear approaches to dealing with problematic behavior. Our Code of Conduct will outline all of this.

[section=Our Values] Positive habits help contribute to a more positive environment for everyone, and we encourage our community members to practice them. These include:

● Showing empathy and kindness towards others. ● Respecting different opinions, viewpoints, and experiences. ● Giving kind, constructive feedback, and accepting feedback gracefully. ● Accepting responsibility and apologizing to those affected by our mistakes, and doing our best to learn and grow from these experiences.

[section=Unacceptable Behavior] Community members must not discriminate against others based upon their race, ethnicity, appearance, religion, age, disability, citizenship, familial status, sexual identity and orientation, gender identity and expression, medical condition, level of experience, or personal achievements. Discrimination based on any of these factors, but not limited to these factors, is unacceptable.

Members of our community must not harass others. Harassment may include intimidation; trolling; making threats; spreading malicious rumors; creation of alternate accounts to evade a ban; stalking; use of sexual or discriminatory imagery, comments, or jokes; unwanted sexual attention or advances; intentional or repeated misgendering; using “dead” or rejected names; discriminatory or derogatory remarks; or challenging people’s self-identity or chosen labels.

Other unacceptable behaviors include:

● Publishing private personal information without explicit permission. ● Microaggressions, or subtle put-downs against marginalized groups. ● Treating someone unfavourably for filing a complaint against community member(s).

[section=Scope] Our Code of Conduct applies to all discourse within our public community spaces. This includes community servers, stream chats, video comment sections, group messages, forums, and anywhere else allowing for public discourse.

Our Code of Conduct also applies to all discourse outside of our public community spaces if brought to the attention of community members. This is important because regardless of how a person has carried themselves within our community in the past, it is not possible for community members to feel comfortable and safe interacting with a person who actively discriminates against them in other spaces.

Members are expected to act accordingly to any services' TOS they use. Failing to do so may carry punitive or correctional measures not only with the service itself, but also to their community status and presence.

[section=Reporting a Problem] Reports should currently be filed by directly contacting a member of the SRC Mod Team either here, at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1XZBDvGQTw84Lf5958KEqcoPzQMyunNttoR7MiVqbbgs, or on Discord: XeroGoFast, Valigo, Homothety, ins0mnia, or Nerfirelia73. All reports will be reviewed as promptly as we are able to; however, keep in mind that these issues can take time for us to discuss, gather information on, and handle.

All members of the team are obligated to respect your privacy and keep your report and identity confidential, unless you agree otherwise.

If you believe that may be a conflict of interest with a member of our team in handling the problem, or if your complaint is about a specific member of our team, you may contact another member of our team to discuss how to handle it.

[section=Actions] These are measures typically used when a case is either not possible to solve, or when the scope of the infraction(s) transcend a solution purely between the actors:

Warning For first time violations or minor violations of the Code of Conduct, a warning may be given. In this warning, they will be told about their problematic behavior and be advised to improve it. The member will be informed of what future actions will be taken should their behavior continue. An apology, public or private, may be requested from the warned individual.

Event / Miscellaneous Ban For violations of the Code of Conduct, a member may receive a ban from an event or from some other part of the community. Typically, this will be offered as part of, or in conjunction with, a warning.

Temporary Ban For serious violations or repeated minor violations of the Code of Conduct, but when there is believed to be potential for self-improvement over time, a temporary ban may be given. The Speedrunner role of the offending member will be revoked for a period of time, and the member will similarly not be allowed access to any future Hollow Knight Speedrunning Discord during this time. This temporary ban will last as long as deemed necessary, whether that be ten minutes, ten months, etc. The decision to lift a temporary ban may be informed by community feedback if deemed appropriate.

Permanent Ban For serious or continued violations of the Code of Conduct, a permanent ban may be given. The Speedrunner role of the offending member will be permanently revoked, and the member will similarly not be allowed access to any future Hollow Knight Speedrunning Discord.

Leaderboard Ban In extreme cases, leaderboard bans may accompany permanent bans. The offending member will have their runs on the Hollow Knight speedrun.com leaderboards deleted, and will not be allowed to submit any runs in the future. The boards include hollowknight, hkmemes, hkmods, and any other/future boards relevant to the community.

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