All Glitches Preloader

(direct download)

By 5656

Bingo Board

Link to the bingo board website. If you have any items you'd like to add, or balancing adjustments, let Mick know on discord. (external link)

By MickelyMickely

Hollow Knight Discord Server

This is an invite link to join the Hollow Knight Discord server. (external link)

By simozxsimozx

Info Program

If you enable the geo hp viewer you'll see the hp of last hit enemy on your geo counter. (external link)

By DevilSquirrelDevilSquirrel

Map psd file

Contains many images for making route maps such as in MonStahLer's 100% guide (direct download)

By KeinZantezukenKeinZantezuken

Mods Folder

Contains all current mods for Hollow Knight (external link)


106% Save Files (TGT 2019 Update)

Updated with earlier flukemarm (direct download)

By MonStahLerMonStahLer

All Skills NMG (Late Hornet) Save Files

(direct download)

By XeroGoFastXeroGoFast

All Skills NSOOB Save Files

All Skills NSOOB Save Files for use with Debug Mod to practice segments. (direct download)

By stayplusstayplus

Any% All Glitches Save Files

(direct download)

By XeroGoFastXeroGoFast

Any% No Major Glitches Saves

(direct download)

By simozxsimozx

Any% nSOOB Save Files

(direct download)

By MonStahLerMonStahLer

Godseeker save with all binds

Can be used for Pantheon IL runs (direct download)

By MonStahLerMonStahLer

True Ending NMG Save Files

Save files for the route that doesn't get Dreamwielder, and doesn't use FotF. (external link)

By vysualsvysuals

White Palace Practice

Place in AppData/LocalLow/Team Cherry/Hollow Knight (direct download)



Patches Assembly (Increased loads)

Place in Steam/steamapps/common/Hollow Knight/hollow_knight_Data/Managed/ to increase load time by 1 second. (direct download)