100% Legacy Route
100% Legacy Route
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Hollow Knight 100% Glitched Route Run on patch

-Drop in -Map Geo per normal (+30) -Fury -Equip Fury at Dirtmouth -Crossroads Map (-30) -Kill FK (+200) -Storage VS via interaction storage on shaman. Move right while in the dark. -Soul Catcher (+50 geo from baldur) -Overcharm Soul Catcher and Fury (or equip only soul catcher for a safer route) -Greenpath (+64 by flower) -Hornet/Dash -S+Q to mound -Head Right, Unlock Crossroads Stag -Gruz Mum [400] -Free Sly -Buy Shaman Stone (-220) -Dream Nail -RG Stag to Crossroads Stag -Sit at leg eater's bench (Equip only shaman stone) -Shroomal Ogre's Notch -Elder Hu -Grub on bouncies -Claw -Mantis Lords -Lords' reward room (geo, seal, MoP) -Dashmaster -Free Bretta -Fungal Core Mask Shard -> S+Q to LEG EATER -Buy Fragile Heart -Unovercharm glitch Dashmaster and Shaman stone (have to leave room and head up to collect soul. Fall in acid to be hazard respawned next to leg eater transition) [optimal strat here would be overcharming these two, but Soul Sanctum overcharmed is risky] -City Gate -Sell Hallownest Seal from Mantis Lords to Lemm -Televator, then elevator clip to get past doors -Soul Sanctum -Shade Soul via elevator clip -Spell twister (+200) -Soul Master -Soul Tyrant -Chest after Tyrant, Grub, corny bench in CoT, -Float up to simple key in City Storerooms, vessel frag above elevator -grub behind wall above crossroads stag -grub behind husk sentry, enter CP w/ dive -grub in spike gauntlet -float to deep focus, -Sly's Key, CG1 (can take this bench as a safety strat) -CG2 -Grub in Crystal Heart room -Crystal Heart -Crusher room grub -Head down to dark room (grub on the way) -Crystal mound and grub -Xero -Buy out Salubra's charms and 2 notches, then S+Q to Corny Bench (or head back to elevator if CG1 bench was taken) -Arena below bench, grub while heading down elevator -Open Sewers -Bench, then up and left to grub, then Mask, S+Q -Flukenest -Overcharm fluke/DM/Shaman (or unovercharm glitch these using the downward transition towards flukemarm below the bench) -Dung Defender -Dupe Dung's King's Idol 16x -Sell all relics to Lemm -Isma's tear and grub in grove -Broken Vessel bench (unovercharm here if not already done in waterways) - Fluke/DM/Shaman -P Float to Grub, then OOB to BV from bottom -Lost Kin, -Wings then S+Q to bench -Hidden Stag to RG, Dream Gate -Stag to Dirtmouth -Set Gate in Dirtmouth -Compass and Bretta's mask shard -Rocket jump to Peaks shortcut and get grub, DG out -Buy out Sly (except elegant key, egg, and other useless things. Be sure to buy lantern) -Float up to Cliffs -Cyclone Slash -Gorb (set gate after fight) -Vessel Frag (gate out) -Set gate before Joni's, get Joni's, gate out -Grub above 2 elder baldurs, then Baldur Shell -Grub by moss knight, (set gate by hornet transition) -Shape of Unn (gate out) -Set gate right of Great Slash, get Great Slash, gate out -Set gate below going up to thorns, get thorns, gate out -Set gate above bench above No Eyes, Grub to the right -Room dupe Corny's room, get duped grub, gate out -Set gate left of transition towards No Eyes -No Eyes/mask, gate out -Grub/frag in long acid room with shelled walkers, gate out -Wraiths, S+Q to BV bench -Overcharm Fragile Heart/Lifeblood Heart/Joni's Blessing -OOB in abyss, set dream gate OOB on top of room -Shriek, lifeblood core, shade cloak, gate out -Rocket jump up to Void Heart transition -Void heart, gate out -Hidden Stag to Crossroads -Unovercharm glitch at crossroads bench (dashmaster/shaman/dream wielder/flukenest) -Go up then left -Grub to the right of large platform room, mawlek/mask, -Set gate in Corny's room -Grub on bottom left of crossroads, gate out -Mask under spring past all the goams -Buy out Leg eater -Swim left, collect essence while traveling up the room -Grub left of archives, set gate after falling down, -Uumuu, Monomon (use cyclone slash on dreamers) -Gate out -Queen's stag mask, -Grub above Spore shroom, Spore Shroom -Set gate above deepnest drop, drop into deepnest -Mimic Grub, gate out to main, drop to hotspring -Sit at spring's Bench, head right. -sharp shadow, S+Q to bench -Grub on the way to Nosk, Nosk -Set gate next to pale ore, dupe until at 6 ore -S+Q back to spring bench -Float up to grub above spikes through shortcut -Set gate before heading up to Galien -Galien -Tram Pass, gate out -Set gate in large deepnest room w/ grub, then head left -Herrah, then grub on the way out -Gate out after leaving -Use shortcut under devout to get grub -come up to QG from deepnest (can sit at safety bench on left) -Put gate down below arena room's transition -Love key, gate out -Arena, Grub above arena -Set gate next to flower quest finish transition -Grub overlooking white lady -Marmu -Open stag door, then sit on bench -Traitor Lord, S+Q to bench after fight -Stag to Resting Grounds, Dive into grave -Grub, then Eater -Get flower -Gate storage to RG, place flower, S+Q -Turn in mourner quest, gate out -QG Stag to Hidden Stag, get fountain vessel frag -Climb to Tram, sit on tram bench, interact storage to send tram right while leaving tram -Get grub in Cloth's room, S+Q to tram that has been sent on. -Climb up, Grub in waterways connection, -Set gate above Hive grub -Hive grub, then Super Slide OOB out top of grub room to get to main hive -Grub top right, then Mask shard with large bee -Hiveblood, gate out -Go right, put down DG below Transition up to Markoth -Dash slash, grub, Quickslash, gate out -Markoth -Set gate before room duping -Dupe KE grub, gate out -Hornet 2, King's Brand, gate out -Go left and up and open Collector's Door and shortcut -Grub right of King Stag, -DG top of King's Stag, then up to vessel frag (dupe frag after arena is done) -DG out (or sit at King's stag and S+Q to there after vessel frag) -left to COT grub, fluke the guard -Rocket Jump up to Gorgeous Husk, fluke glitch her for max geo (splash of dive only, 4 nail hits, 2 flukes for 6700 geo) -Set gate on left side of large room -All the way left to Nailsmith, get nail4, gate out -Elevator clip, sit at bench on left in Spire -Dupe WKs grub, S+Q to bench -WKs, Lurien, gate out -White Defender, gate out -Go right, put down gate in King's Stag -Collector, save grubs -Climb to Colo -Do all trials -Gate out to King's Stag. -Stag to Crossroads, sit at bench -Glowing Womb -Failed Champion -S+Q to stag, then stag to Resting Grounds -Turn in 2400 (use the dream tree here to collect the last essence needed to finish 2400) -Stag to Dirtmouth. -Get Nailmaster's Glory -Turn in all grubs -Final boss.

GRUBS TO DUPE -Greenpath by Corny -COT by WKs -KE above Markoth

GRUBS TO IGNORE -Top right of traitor lord -Crystal Peak top grub -Grub above Gruz Mother (spike pogo one)

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