Path of Pain
Path of Pain
Updated 2 years ago by Schy

Charm strats: You can click on each to see a video of the run and how to downpatch to 1221 Mine: Dashmaster, sprintmaster, long nail, Mark of Pride, sharp shadow, shaman stone (update to 205 charms) Kal: Sprintmaster, mark of pride, unbreakable strength, sharp shadow, shaman, Dream Wielder 1221 Patch: Flukenest, shaman stone, and the rest of whatever you prefer

[If you're having problems with the third room cycle]: As I said in the video, the beginning of the third room is relatively chill, you have a bit of time spare for the cycle, but after you down pogo the sawblade your walljumps have to be as quick as possible. So if you can't get it for 20 hours don't worry I also been there but try to focus on your walljumps towards the end. (thorn skip really is just muscle memory I'm sorry ):

The video goes over most of the stuff, although some interesting things to mention: My best times (Dashmaster, Sprintmaster, Current Patch): 1st room: 27.08, Exit 2nd Room: 1:00.68, Exit 3rd Room: 1:21.16 (4th room with more optimized fireballs can go towards 45.3 seconds) -> SoB: 2:06.3x (approx.) Good Sprintmaster, Current Patch times: 1st room: 27.3, Exit 2nd Room: 1:01.30, Exit 3rd Room 1:22.00, (4th Room should take around 45.70 seconds) [1221 Patch loses too much time (=1 second) in the last room so I won't list it here. Although I could suggest you start learning Path of Pain on 1221 since the cycles are easier but the movement is still the same]

One thing I forgot to mention in the video: Faster doesn't always conclude being overall faster. Path of Pain is very cycle based so rather try to beat the cycles than losing every run to small optimizations that won't beat the cycle anyway :) Go with whatever strat you're the most comfy with. Thorn skip also only loses around 4-5 seconds and dashmaster only gains like 0.6 seconds at tas level [sarcasm] you really don't need to feel pressured to go for dashmaster when starting to run nor thorn skip, just enjoy your time and try to beat your own pb :) [if you do want to go for WR you'll have to use dashmaster though I'm sorry to break it to you ): ]

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