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#NameSplitFinished at
1-maltemller alarm clock2m 13s 850ms2m 13s 850ms
2-d1_twainstation_UwU0m 33s 015ms2m 46s 865ms
3-d1_trainstation_030m 16s 433ms3m 03s 298ms
4{Piss Insertion}plank lag enjoyers2m 04s 932ms5m 08s 230ms
5-d1_trainstation_050m 06s 678ms5m 14s 908ms
6{Red Letter Day} d1_trainstation_060m 18s 582ms5m 33s 490ms
7-d1_canals_010m 46s 885ms6m 20s 375ms
8-d1_canals_01a1m 09s 059ms7m 29s 434ms
9-d1_canals_020m 13s 514ms7m 42s 948ms
10-d1_canals_031m 38s 530ms9m 21s 478ms
11{Route Kanal} d1_canals_050m 55s 280ms10m 16s 758ms
12-d1_canals_060m 14s 418ms10m 31s 176ms
13-YEP Clip0m 14s 362ms10m 45s 538ms
14-d1_canals_070m 47s 245ms11m 32s 783ms
15-d1_canals_080m 20s 041ms11m 52s 824ms
16-d1_canals_090m 31s 322ms12m 24s 146ms
17-d1_canals_100m 48s 067ms13m 12s 213ms
18-d1_canals_110m 34s 953ms13m 47s 166ms
19-d1_canals_120m 38s 268ms14m 25s 434ms
20{Boatless} d1_canals_130m 18s 266ms14m 43s 700ms
21-d1_eli_016m 34s 805ms21m 18s 505ms
22{Black Mesa East} d1_eli_020m 21s 472ms21m 39s 977ms
23-d1_town_010m 22s 169ms22m 02s 146ms
24-d1_town_01a0m 11s 350ms22m 13s 496ms
25-d1_town_020m 15s 584ms22m 29s 080ms
26-d1_town_02a0m 12s 160ms22m 41s 240ms
27-d1_town_040m 42s 570ms23m 23s 810ms
28{Ravenholm} d1_town_050m 28s 651ms23m 52s 461ms
29-d2_coast_010m 10s 260ms24m 02s 721ms
30-d2_coast_030m 14s 322ms24m 17s 043ms
31-d2_coast_040m 10s 985ms24m 28s 028ms
32-d2_coast_050m 12s 203ms24m 40s 231ms
33{Highway 17} d2_coast_070m 19s 545ms24m 59s 776ms
34-d2_coast_090m 25s 808ms25m 25s 584ms
35-d2_coast_100m 13s 427ms25m 39s 011ms
36-d2_coast_110m 40s 158ms26m 19s 169ms
37-d2_coast_120m 19s 989ms26m 39s 158ms
38{Sandtraps} d2_prison_010m 29s 727ms27m 08s 885ms
39-d2_prison_020m 18s 814ms27m 27s 699ms
40-d2_prison_030m 19s 748ms27m 47s 447ms
41-d2_prison_040m 10s 958ms27m 58s 405ms
42{Nova Prospekt} d2_prison_050m 33s 887ms28m 32s 292ms
43-d2_prison_060m 48s 198ms29m 20s 490ms
44-d2_prison_071m 12s 529ms30m 33s 019ms
45-d2_prison_084m 38s 292ms35m 11s 311ms
46{Entanglement} d3_c17_010m 11s 529ms35m 22s 840ms
47-d3_c17_020m 17s 342ms35m 40s 182ms
48-d3_c17_030m 15s 138ms35m 55s 320ms
49-d3_c17_040m 22s 307ms36m 17s 627ms
50-d3_c17_051m 07s 754ms37m 25s 381ms
0m 22s 771ms37m 48s 152ms
52-d3_c17_06b0m 16s 300ms38m 04s 452ms
53-d3_c17_070m 19s 661ms38m 24s 113ms
54{Anticitizen One} d3_c17_081m 10s 066ms39m 34s 179ms
55-d3_c17_090m 17s 616ms39m 51s 795ms
56-d3_c17_10a0m 23s 652ms40m 15s 447ms
57-d3_c17_10b0m 47s 828ms41m 03s 275ms
58-d3_c17_110m 13s 096ms41m 16s 371ms
59-d3_c17_120m 19s 588ms41m 35s 959ms
60-d3_c17_12b0m 10s 254ms41m 46s 213ms
61{Follow Freeman} d3_c17_130m 26s 462ms42m 12s 675ms
62-scanner. scanner.0m 37s 137ms42m 49s 812ms
63-d3_citadel_02 (RIP 19 runs)0m 45s 101ms43m 34s 913ms
64-d3_citadel_030m 44s 519ms44m 19s 432ms
65-Prayge Orb (RIP 6 RUNS)0m 37s 885ms44m 57s 317ms
66{Our Benefactors} d3_citadel_051m 51s 082ms46m 48s 399ms
67fuck you d3_citadel_025m 12s 212ms52m 00s 611ms
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Timing Changes

Starting today, Half-Life 2 Speedruns will be timed using the "0th tick" timing method.

If you are using 2838's SourceSplit for livesplit, the update should be automatic, but if you are using Fatalis' SourceSplit, or haven't been prompted to update, you will need to manually install 2838's Sou

22 days ago