4044 Old Engine

This is the last version of old engine before the new engine version update was added to Half-Life 2, this is the main version used for speedrunning old engine. (external link)

By BitRainBitRain

Borderless Gaming

A tool specifically for hl2 Old Engine to be able to be played in borderless mode by setting the game in 1920x1080 (or your resolution) to windowed and it will snap to borderless when added to the list. ( Due to OE crashing on fullscreen when tabbing out ) (external link)

By mirakapz97mirakapz97

Ghosting Mod (external link)

By GocnakGocnak

Source Unpack

Source Unpack is the most recent pre-SteamPipe version of Source Engine (build 5135), with unpacked HL2 and Portal included. Very useful for running. (external link)

By YaLTeR & BitRain


Citadel 02 Skip Practice Saves

3 saves to help you learn the VERY difficult citadel 02 skip. (direct download)

By IkerPineappleIkerPineapple

Practice saves for Ghosting

(direct download)

By FleackFleack

Quick clip statement save on each map MARCH 2021

These are the ones I use for my runs. Completely new with the new strats we have as of March 2021. There is a few extra saves for prison08 and eli01 if there is a place you want to practice. (WORKS ONLY IN GHOSTING) (direct download)

By maltemllermaltemller

Save for RLD Skip

Practice it! (external link)

By MetalGioMetalGio