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1-Where's my damn beer Barney?2m 14s 755ms2m 14s 755ms
2-d1_trainstation_020m 27s 765ms2m 42s 520ms
3-d1_trainstation_030m 16s 370ms2m 58s 890ms
4{Saweb Insertion} d1_chokestation_042m 11s 767ms5m 10s 657ms
5-d1_trainstation_050m 09s 474ms5m 20s 131ms
6{"A Red Letter Day"} d1_trainstation_060m 18s 368ms5m 38s 499ms
7-d1_canals_010m 54s 742ms6m 33s 241ms
8-d1_canals_01a1m 10s 936ms7m 44s 177ms
9-d1_canals_020m 13s 715ms7m 57s 892ms
10-d1_canals_031m 44s 803ms9m 42s 695ms
11{meow meow meow-AUGHHH} d1_canals_050m 56s 017ms10m 38s 712ms
12-d1_canals_060m 09s 967ms10m 48s 679ms
13-d1_canals_071m 02s 360ms11m 51s 039ms
14-d1_canals_080m 23s 697ms12m 14s 736ms
15-d1_canals_090m 23s 433ms12m 38s 169ms
16-d1_canals_100m 50s 204ms13m 28s 373ms
17-d1_canals_110m 50s 609ms14m 18s 982ms
18-d1_canals_121m 02s 761ms15m 21s 743ms
19{Somebody once told me} d1_canals_130m 16s 208ms15m 37s 951ms
20-Eli time or Alyx idk3m 30s 515ms19m 08s 466ms
21{Black Mesa East} d1_eli_020m 28s 343ms19m 36s 809ms
22-d1_town_010m 21s 285ms19m 58s 094ms
23-d1_town_01a0m 12s 459ms20m 10s 553ms
24-d1_town_020m 15s 579ms20m 26s 132ms
25-d1_town_02a0m 12s 698ms20m 38s 830ms
26-d1_town_040m 31s 856ms21m 10s 686ms
27{"We don't go to Ravenholm"} d1_town_050m 41s 350ms21m 52s 036ms
28-d2_coast_010m 28s 461ms22m 20s 497ms
29-d2_coast_030m 11s 012ms22m 31s 509ms
30-d2_coast_040m 19s 144ms22m 50s 653ms
31-d2_coast_050m 15s 105ms23m 05s 758ms
32{Highway 17} d2_coast_070m 15s 603ms23m 21s 361ms
33-d2_coast_090m 26s 121ms23m 47s 482ms
34-d2_coast_100m 18s 983ms24m 06s 465ms
35-d2_coast_110m 48s 601ms24m 55s 066ms
36-d2_coast_120m 28s 791ms25m 23s 857ms
37{Sandtraps} d2_prison_010m 43s 983ms26m 07s 840ms
38-d2_prison_020m 16s 441ms26m 24s 281ms
39-d2_prison_030m 16s 787ms26m 41s 068ms
40-d2_prison_040m 15s 139ms26m 56s 207ms
41{The Shawshank Redemption} d2_prison_050m 35s 756ms27m 31s 963ms
42-d2_prison_060m 44s 933ms28m 16s 896ms
43-d2_prison_071m 09s 249ms29m 26s 145ms
44-d2_prison_084m 39s 191ms34m 05s 336ms
45{Entanglement} d3_c17_010m 14s 776ms34m 20s 112ms
46-d3_c17_020m 28s 353ms34m 48s 465ms
47-d3_c17_030m 19s 624ms35m 08s 089ms
48-d3_c17_040m 20s 466ms35m 28s 555ms
49-d3_c17_051m 00s 337ms36m 28s 892ms
50-d3_c17_06a0m 30s 519ms36m 59s 411ms
51-d3_c17_06b0m 16s 200ms37m 15s 611ms
52-d3_c17_070m 34s 530ms37m 50s 141ms
53{Anticitizen One} d3_c17_081m 05s 792ms38m 55s 933ms
54-d3_c17_090m 15s 851ms39m 11s 784ms
55-d3_c17_10a0m 39s 195ms39m 50s 979ms
56-d3_c17_10b0m 51s 413ms40m 42s 392ms
57-d3_c17_110m 21s 880ms41m 04s 272ms
58-d3_c17_120m 21s 321ms41m 25s 593ms
59-d3_c17_12b0m 15s 121ms41m 40s 714ms
60{"Follow Freeman!"} d3_c17_130m 24s 321ms42m 05s 035ms
61-d3_Citadel_010m 37s 917ms42m 42s 952ms
62-"im gonna kill you" the level0m 55s 795ms43m 38s 747ms
63-d3_Citadel_030m 45s 965ms44m 24s 712ms
64-d3_Citadel_040m 35s 223ms44m 59s 935ms
65{Infinite choke chapter} d3_Citadel_051m 51s 779ms46m 51s 714ms
66Dark Energy5m 16s 008ms52m 07s 722ms
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Starting today, the custom-made build of Half-Life 2 known as "Ghosting Mod" will no longer be used as a valid build for run submissions, as was determined by a community vote held in the SourceRuns Discord server.

If you are currently using Ghosting Mod to submit your runs, we ask

3 months ago
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