Problem with d3_citadel_02 skip
8 months ago

I can't understand how to do jump with rocket at the beginning of the skip. And tutorials has outdated strats. That's my attempts...

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  1. Maximize your distance
  2. Crouch

I use coordinates to help me line up here - I stand at -6500 - you are at -6438 so I recommend being a bit further back. I also stand as right as I can so I can do the biggest circlestrafe possible.

Immediately, or even before you start holding A, start crouching. You want to be fully crouched at the end of your circlestrafe. This way you have a lower moving speed which results in a bigger ahop, but also simultaneously you are closer to the explosion, resulting in a bigger damage boost.

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Thank you! I even tried to watch speedruns at 0.25x and still couldn't understand. Now i can do this jump!

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