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РУССКИЙ: У меня возник, можно ли спидранить на пиратской версии Half Life?
ENGLISH: I have a question, is it possible to speedrun on the pirated version of Half Life? And how legal is it?


It's illegal to pirate a game. Duh. It's probably not allowed either- but why would you not just spend $10 on the game? If you just want to play it, use Sven Co-op. It's the most 'legal' way of doing it for free.


you could practice in the nghl client which is pretty much pirated and submit runs when you get the game on steam

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Нет, но есть NGHL, специальный клиент от rofi. В любом случае, для спидранов устанавливать по гайду: https://www.speedrun.com/hl1/guide/af6k2

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We do not tolerate piracy in any shape or form. If you would like to legally purchase the game for cheap, it is usually available for a dollar on Steam sales - roughly 75 rubles - , and the holiday season is soon.

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