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Bunnymod XT
Cross-platform external injection software for the GoldSource Engine that provides additional speedrun-related features such as in-game timer, speed info, etc. (external link)
GoldSrc Package
All-in-one package containing Bunnymod XT, RInput and all major GoldSrc games. (external link)
Half-Life 2005 Package
Half-Life build from 2005, unzip and play. Includes WON, latest Bunnymod XT and Raw Input. Clean and uncut. (external link)
Half-Life Advanced FX
Highly customizable demo capturing software. (external link)
Half-Life Crosshair Changer
A useful tool for changing your crosshair. Created by aarongeorge. (direct download)
Pre-Configured Half-Life 2005
This is a replacement for NGHL, It comes pre-configured and ready to run. (external link)
(Updated) IC NG+ Setup Configs
For use in Individual Chapters updated with bxt_record & bxt_timer. Demo will be named "IL.dem". Gives you appropriate items and correct timing for that level. Type 'exec <name>.cfg' in console to use. (external link)
Chapter Splits
Splits for each chapter in Half Life. (direct download)
WON Package
"Mod" for playing v1.1.0.7 on modern builds. (external link)
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