Bunnymod XT

Cross-platform external injection software for the GoldSource Engine that provides additional speedrun-related features such as in-game timer, speed info, etc. (external link)


Bunnymod XT Auto Updater

A script to automatically update Bunnymod XT to the latest version. (external link)

By mike128mike128

Crosshair by execut4ble (external link)

By execut4bleexecut4ble

GoldSrc Package

All-in-one package containing Bunnymod XT, RInput and all major GoldSrc games. (external link)


Half-Life 2005 Package

Half-Life build from 2005, unzip and play. Includes WON, latest Bunnymod XT and Raw Input. Clean and uncut. (external link)

By parklezparklez

Half-Life Advanced FX

Highly customizable demo capturing software. (external link)

By ripieces

Half-Life Crosshair Changer

A useful tool for changing your crosshair. Created by aarongeorge. (direct download)

By biskuit

Half-Life Package by yandi505 (Config+Scripts+Saves+LiveSplit with splits)

Package with Half-life, Opposing Force and Blue Shift. Also i added all commands that you need in autoexec.cfg to use for every game, scripts for scripted, Saves (training and Leparklez's Saves). Only Steam. Readme inside. Сборка, в которой есть всё необходимое для спидрана (конфиг, сейвы, скрипты и тд), работает только с лицензией Half-Life в Steam. Инструкция внутри (external link)

By yandi505yandi505

HUD by execut4ble (external link)

By execut4bleexecut4ble

Landoro's CFG

A Config for new and advanced scripted runners alike. Check guides for info on binds (external link)

By LandoroLandoro


(Updated) IC NG+ Setup Configs

For use in Individual Chapters updated with bxt_record & bxt_timer. Demo will be named "IL.dem". Gives you appropriate items and correct timing for that level. Type 'exec <name>.cfg' in console to use. (external link)

Chapter Timers & Saves

Practice Savegames and Configs to execute, creating triggers at the start and the end of each chapter to count the time you need to beat the chapter + loading start save before chapter. (direct download)

By KaNangaKaNanga

Practice saves

A few saves I made for practicing, I hope they can be useful for you! (direct download)

By parklezparklez

Test Chamber Skip (D)

Practice save for Test Chamber D script. (direct download)

By ScriptedSnarkScriptedSnark


Chapter Splits

Splits for each chapter in Half Life. (direct download)

Splits (including map subsplits)

Splits for hl1 which include map splits as subsplits, for more accurate timing (direct download)

By philippTheCatphilippTheCat


PS2 AutoJump

ELF Executable for enabling autojump in the PS2 Version of Half-Life. To use, extract your HL ISO into a folder, replace SLUS_200.66 with this one and execute the game via "Run ELF" in PCSX2, for console, do the same but pack the game dir into an ISO with your favorite ISO tool and burn or load. (direct download)


WON Package

"Mod" for playing v1.1.0.7 on modern builds. (external link)