how to improve fps in half life 1?
3 months ago

i have windows 10 60 hz monitor please help


wdym "improve fps"? you mean your fps is locked on 60?

if so, go to your graphics card settings, and disable Vsync

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gl_vsync 0 maybe

change rendering mode from Opengl to "software rendering"

I used to have serious problems with an old pc (still do sadly) where one day, after some windows update, all my opengl-type games just stopped working or became really slow.

Halflife contains the blessing of a "software rendering" mode so you dont even need opengl (i dont think), thats what worked for my lag anyway

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make the game high priority


Download this repack And set the gamma to darker

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Open Console with ~ (or œ on Linux French keyboards)

fps_overide 1

fps_max 100

Set the game to OpenGL

Cheers !