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Hello, myself and another runner are working on a special segmented run. We've noticed in some other runs such as HL21, runners are somehow able to maintain a grenade's charge across level transitions. How is this possible? In our experience, moving across a level change cancels a grenade's animation and resets the charge. Plz help

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Since hl21 was ran on a modified steam version, i wouldn't be surprised if that was the reason of it being possible. I'm not 100% sure though so you're more likely to find an answer if you ask on the sourceruns discord server

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In HL21 they used the trigger delay or change level Delay(CLD) call it how you want. Change level Delay is helping to carry objects granade"s charge across level, even skip chapters etc.

But what is this "Change level delay"? When you touch the trigger, the command for changing the level "changelevel" is launched. But you can temporarily cancel the level change with the "wait" command, while the "wait" command was being executed in the console. During the waiting period, you can only walk and shoot. so without scripts carrying objects, grenade, charge etc. through triggers will not work.

If I start talking about how triggers work, it will be confusing. so it's better if I just show everything in the video How triggers work

Some examples

Time codes 7:00, 8:17, 16:29

My script from the video

alias granade "w 250; -attack; w 20"
bind "key" "granade"
If you need more time in "wait" then increase "w 200" to a higher number and if you need more time grenade charge, then "w 20" to a higher number.

If your run will be made on the Bunnymod XT version, then grenade charge across level transitions can only be done in the above method. If your run is made on Bunnymod Pro, then everything becomes easier. The grenade charge will not be canceled by going through change level and save load.

These scripts can be executed on Half Life, I have listed them you can find it on the website below

If you want to try how it works, you can copy the scripts from this site


(Power Up) (Forget About Freeman)

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