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@Reset I kinda meant being constructive without typing like this. I mean, "do you not think the Full Mod would just talk to the current mods of the leaderboard ultimately?" Nah, they've intervened when they've had to before, would be kind of useless otherwise. And you say that the person trying to help you with this whole issue now just "came in saying things out of anger, not even thinking about what you're saying". Yeah, I kinda said a few things there that pointed out my annoyance at you, but right now that's the best I can do when the stuff you've posted is far more provocative. So instead of trying to attack me with those points I was thinking it'd be better to stop this dumb game of "I'm better than you" from the both of us since it has nothing to do with the game and causes a lot of pointless noise to whatever constructiveness does arise. Thanks.

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Atm, it is 3:0 to allow it from people who have PB'd in 2018/2019: Reset, Jay, Ham. Someone correct me. ^^

And another "allow" from 2017. Nothing from pre-2017.


My bad, I meant PB'ed in that dead category so many people are voting on. 😛