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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Forum  /  Ever seen a human aim like this?

Just to clarify, I was pretty indifferent about Flying getting WR. I tuned in to watch his All Missions run, and his aim looks like it's botted.

I was an admin of various Source games for 2 or 3 years, saw a lot of aimbots. One of the ways they work is based on colour, and you can usually set a tolerance to the bot. Setting a tolerance means your aim bot doesn't instantly snap. More sophisticated bots also had an acceleration thing, so it looked more human. look at his aim at the group on the left here look at his shooting at the group on the right here and in here, notice his aim snaps back to targets he missed even when he's waving his mouse around it's snapping, at 5 or 6s as he approaches the door his aim snaps.

So yeah, I'm not convinced his aim isn't assisted.

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making account just to call flying cheater lol

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looks like typical twitchy sa shooting to me... And I played plenty of css as well... Also you mention color aimbots, you do realize that you had to have completely blue/red skins for models for them to work half decent.


I would like to see some slowed-down footage of the snapping, for me it seems that he's just dragging the mouse and hoping to hit anything. It really doesn't seem unusual to me, and I've seen a lot of gang territory and endgame gameplay from good players. It may seem very "snappy", maybe because SA's aiming is garbage and the game seems to skip pixels for some reason.

If the slowed-down footage shows the snapping, then okay. But without that, I'm not convinced.


remind that during ginput drama you was talking shit about hugo bois which was making accounts to vote b

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If we're looking for parts where he's aiming onto dudes - I searched around in your clips, here's one I noticed from the fourth clip, ~5 seconds in as mentioned by original post, there's these three consecutive frames:

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Yes there is definitely something going on here. Compare that to (during HC or EOTL). Completely different aim.

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It looks like higher sensitivity in asm. He often over aims enemies. Like when hes aiming for the roll-in dude:

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I agree Shadow_dog, his aim in that video looks a lot more natural. It doesn't jump around erratically.

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I dunno about this, seems kinda out there to accuse use of aimbotting. If he was going to aimbot then he probably would've done it in the same runs he uses a macro to aim at static enemies. If not then he also would have had to program an actual aimbot since I doubt any pre-existing ones work with SA/were made for SA.

To me it seems like he has near-infinite minigun ammo (unlike Any%) and is just waving his mouse around the vague area he knows the pre-scripted enemies are (this isn't CS:GO, this is vs scripted AI). You could probably find a series of 3 frames that he mouses over nothing first, an enemies' head the second and then nothing the third just as a coincidence.

I watched his gang territory section (where the enemies waves/pathing are more random and an aimbot would actually be beneficial) and it seems fine to me.

Honestly if someone is going to program their own aimbot that is just subtle enough to barely be noticeable to somewhat aim at pre-positioned enemies with a rapid fire instakill weapon to help in an easy mission at the end of a run to somehow help in getting "WR" in a 10+ y/o video game side category speedrun then... jesus

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"If not then he also would have had to program an actual aimbot since I doubt any pre-existing ones work with SA/were made for SA."

There are a few bots for SA, mainly used for SAMP. I looked at a few videos and it seemed close to me. I don't really want to link the videos here, but I'm happy to DM you them over Discord or something.


at the end of the stream he quits sa and you see his desktop, if he had a tool of some sort open, wouldn't it show up on the taskbar? im pretty sure you cant close an application when running another one in fullscreen. he's also said that he uses phone to read chat so we can assume that he doesnt have a second monitor to close it on

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@hatethemall without adding my opinion to this, it is absolutely possible to hide a running application from your taskbar. Windows does it all the time while you are browsing and so do hundreds of other programs.

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@hatethemall Not necessarily, you could easily code a program that minimizes to the system tray, for example OBS has this functionality.
(For the record, I don't have an opinion on whether flying is cheating or not, just adding food for thought).


Shame the guy is going to have this crowd around him for a long time, i'm just glad my "this run could probably be close to 6 hours" is pretty accurate. 😃 Bring back 2013/14 sub 6 hype!

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Seems highly unlikable to me that cheats were used. As far as I know there's 2 types of cheating software you can use in SA, good old mod Sobeit and usage of CLEO scripts. I don't think you can hide sobeit, but cleo scripts well... you need cleo injected in your game which is prohobited and ofc the script has to be either downloaded or written on it's own.

Plus for me it's also higly unlikable that good old friend flying could pull this bullshit R* allowed to do on PS3 at least.

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