just a little idea, if you haven't reload your game after smb, you could take a bmx after riot (for the stadium -> grove drive) Probably should save few seconds

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dont really need to drive as far as i did in a clip, but you got the idea - its faster than going for NRG challenge

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Not sure if it's known, you can save around 7 seconds in Highjack by avoiding the slow road of the bridge. Probably even more if you wheelie.

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I was thinking about the any% skip in where it skips the entire game. What if we start the vigilante mission to trigger end of the line but with some initial momentum just behind the polygon which teiggers the cutscene of the fire truck crashing. In this way the mission will be triggered and since CJ will move into the trigger for the last cutscene the game will load the last cutscene and end of the game.
I have no knowledge how the game works so please can anyone confirm this


Bashira, the Firetruck cutscene is triggered by Tenpenny's Firetruck.

Here is the check:
if car 152@ (this is the firetruck) sphere 0 near_point 2431.0 -1644.0 radius 30.0 30.0


The IL for Cop Wheels also has CJ getting busted, making him spawn outside the police station, right where one of those the bikes is (the third bike you took) eliminating that long drive to it.

Only issue with that is losing the weapons. To keep them one could technically date Barbara, but she asks for a fat CJ, so I don't know if that's a viable strat.


one more second. It is more consistent than it looks like -unless you get a ped before the jump so you just follow the casual route.

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This post is mainly about All Story Missions runs, so if I am putting this in the wrong spot please let me know!

So off of line of thinking and mapping it out in my head and "trying to do a comparison" this is what I came up with!

After the mission "Lure" I grab a NRG from the "NRG Challenge" location and store it for later.
After the mission "Sail Trail" I grab another NRG from the "Air Port" and use that one as normal still storing it after the mission "Pier 69". (hope i'm not losing you here chief!)

Now for the biggest change is the mission order. Assuming you're going for the mini gun on Zero's mission and not doing it on "Up Up and Away" what you'll want to do is this mission order.

"Air Raid" - "Supply Lines" - "New Model Army" - "Zeroing In" - "Test Drive" - "Customs Fast Track" - Puncture Wounds" - "Monster" - "Highjack" - "Introduction" - etc...

The first NRG that you stored you'll want to use while heading to "Monster" this will save you about 20 or so seconds from my "testing" (using testing very lightly here) your 2nd NRG you'll use as you normally do for "Introduction" and so on...

From my "testing" doing this new mission order has a chance to save you in-between 50-55 seconds overall IF no mistakes are made. Naturally the more mistakes you make the lower the time save.

As I said within the load of text that my "testing" is to be taken a bit lightly here and this is a very rough estimate but from the cleanest run I could do and trying to make it as "fast" of a comparison as I could this is what I came up with. Please if you know of a better way to do this, please let me know!! Feel free to test this out for yourself and see if you come up with about the same time save that I did I'm very curious to what others will find.

Thank you and have a great one!
Update Edit:

So after posting this text I know I had to at least show my work. I tried to do the best that I could. This update which is a day later of original posting.

Below I am posting two videos the first one is me trying my best for a clean run so I can do a "comparison" of my PB splits to that of the new route.

If your time is short; I jump the video ahead to the point where it matters the most. That is at the end of "Puncture Wounds" you'll see that I was only 10 seconds ahead before the start of the mission and then I lose 34 seconds on that mission itself so I am behind 24 seconds.

By using the 1st NRG that I stored the drive to "Monster" I saved 36 seconds (Note that my PB run and my comparison run both had the same "Monster" race time of 4:01 so I didn't save any time on the race itself ).

The mission "Highjack" had a time save due to poor PB game play I save time by 18s.

The mission "Introduction" had a time save due to again poor PB game play. I save 34s on that mission.

The "comparison" video is down below.

Alright so you saw in that video I ended with 1:05 ahead of my PB splits by using the NRG twice and having better game play at the point of "Puncture Wounds".

Now to better showcase the time save due to re-routing Wang cars to before Toreno's missions this is what I did.

Mind you that my gold splits still has mistakes within them they aren't the best I've ever done nor is the RNG best case scenario that you can lay your hands on, it's the reason why I posting my "comparison" video above to show you that even the golds aren't the very best. Those splits only have my previous PB, the PB I have now, and the "comparison" splits on them, not my overall best ever.

In the video below is my gold splits going against Cazpersky. Granted Caz is a much better speedrunner than I ever will be and that is just the truth! About 20x better in all reality, and also I'm running off of controller while he is using mouse & keyboard so not only is he a better runner than I am. He is also using the better method of running this game. The run I am showing here is his ASM PB as of right now time of [ 6:05:27 ].

If your time is short; I start the timer just how I did with my "comparison" video starting the timer at the "Mission Pass" after "Driving School". At the end of the video there's 11 seconds difference in-between our times, however, he didn't grab the camera and he had 4 seconds faster "Monster" race time than me. So really we are very even by the end of "Introduction". Again he is a much better runner than I am and he is using the best method of running this game and we are about even at the end of "Introduction"

Let it be known I am not calling Cazpersky slow or anything alike, that'll be pointless of me cause it won't ever be true, his worst is my best and that's if I'm lucky and got much better lol.

I do hope these videos and text helps you decide which route is better or faster but I do believe I've made my point. I am now taking back my original statement that this saves almost a minute. I'll cut it back and say it saves anywhere in-between 30-40 seconds.

Here is how I figure that amount of time:
1) 31 seconds from "Zeros Shop" to "Wang Cars". 1:03 from starting "Monster" from the "Garage" (with a cop bike heading to the boat). A difference of 32 seconds (+32) = (this can increase or decrease depending on vehicle and route. I think its safe to say that these times is a very good time to compare to given you can go flying off the boat and lose more time or hit rocks, get a bad car etc. )
2) it takes about 27 seconds to run from the "Garage" to "Wang Cars" to "Zeroing In". This one is a bit tricky to compare, but I'll say, The drive from "Wang Cars" to the start of "Zeroing In" is 17 seconds (+42)
3) 38 seconds to shoot down the choppers with the guided missile launcher, and 32 seconds with the mini gun. (+48) = (Again you can lose time with either method or gain time with either method, but I'm going off the time that I'm showcasing here).
4) However you don't get a "free" NRG. The 1st NRG can cost you in-between 10-15 seconds lets say the worst one of 15 seconds so that is (+33).

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This strat saves like 5-13 seconds depends if you had a any bike

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You want to get 2 stars before that final cutscene to get a cop bike more favorable however it’s definitely not consistent. Also the route you took was a little slower and you had to deal with script cop cars. Besides of turning around and going back up where you came from do this instead! Drive to the intersection where you killed the people, next drive straight to the next intersection turn left to cut through the sidewalk before that intersection, cutscene will play and after the cutscene look for a cop bike. Drive straight up the hill pass the burger shot turn left at the end of the road. Next turn right to go up the hill (the one right before the one you took in this video) make a quick left then right to the safe house and you should be able to buy it without cops being right on you so you don’t have to deal with them.

How to get two stars before that cutscene: after you kill the two guys beating up the ho and on the drive back to the first ho you dropped off look for a cop on the road or sidewalk run into him, if you had to do it early kill 2 or so pedestrians when you get closer to the maker, on the same road as the marker kill more pedestrians to get the 2nd wanted star, if there is non before the cutscene when the limo arrives kill the pedestrians after that cutscene ends, if you still have one star after that killing the people in the cars should give you that 2nd wanted star by that point for sure!