I've done it a couple of times by now and haven't had any problems.

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Reset just did this and could not recruit homies. Might be version differences?


You can save up to 20 seconds in Blood Bowl dupe setup if you pick up the markers and you get extremely lucky with spawns. This strat is not recommended since usually there's other cars ramming to you which makes it a lot harder. Also you can use this only once because after the first stage, you are required to accumulate 2 minutes worth of time to pass the mission instead of 1.
In this video first clip is the normal strat and second one is the improved strat

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Well you can find that strat under this post too then.


Could be useful in Hundo/All Missions.
Would require some rerouting though and you have to do it after the Da Nang Thang because of losing all your weapons.

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I have replicated it. On v1. I doubt this works on v2, as it explicitly says "give actor this weapon and ammo [that he had at the start of the mission] - E: only if the player is alive, though. ^^

I have searched the script for all weapon related opcodes (commands) listed on and nothing interesting turned up on the v1 script. Probably the 0465 opcode (remove player from turret mode) is supposed to remove the weapon, but for some reason your trick prevents that - just like the jetpack shenanigans prevents it during Up, Up, And Away.

I will ask Nick for code and such to maybe understand how it works.Something worth testing is whether you can just move around freely during the mission and keep the minigun somehow. To move freely, you have to avoid getting attached to the minigun. For that, you can die before getting attached to it or you can enter a vehicle while the game tries to attach you to it (e.g. you can park a vehicle next to the roof and drop down to it and enter - or park a heli on the roof - the only way to stay on the roof and move freely).

I don't know what you could do in that time - snapshots are obvious, ofc.
You need to spend a lot of time defending, ofc and I don't know if you can even do that - since probably you cannot do it from the roof top.

That is something that can just be tested by brute force, too, though, ofc. :D


I run it on v1 Patrick, I've tried it several times, some of the times it didn't work and I think this might have been due to answering the call at the wrong time? Also If you have the phone in your hand in the end cutscene it won't work. Re moving around freely during the mission I have a video on my channel demonstrating this, it's a lot of fun, It might save time, it might not. You do have to wait a bit before skipping the opening cut scene for the call to come in and you can't move too far away from the RC shop because of having the shoot the planes but doing snapshots is a possibility. Also if you have dated Katie already you'll spawn back at her house when you die and there's no traffic on the roads 😛


Just archieving the good old strat, use this replay to cut lots of fades, skip dialogue on Drive-By, get PCJs for Madd Dogg Rhymes, Man Issues, Burning Desire, get Voodoo for Cesar Vialpando, after Home Invasion etc

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Showing the block animation avoiding CJ's stop animation that can be used on markers that you need to stand still to trigger. Useful on parts like inside Co. Pizza (Ryder) and before Freddy's chase (OG Loc).



I have lost "runs" to scaring the pizza guy, be careful. ^^


If u look down with the camera when doing that on ryder there no chance to scare him


about 6s, credits to patrick

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