Inspired by this clip from @KZ_FREW stream:

So after a bit of brainstorming I think I got a way how to make sweet's girls ever so slightly faster. This way allows to avoid the air resistance opcode where the last car you entered the marker is getting affected by.

Let me try to explain some of the stuff that happens. After you shoot the group of Sevile guys you get a phone call which at some point CJ will pick up the phone and you can't skip it, which means you can't neither enter or exit the vehicle. - Example of CJ talking on phone while in car.

So in order to do that you'll just abrupt the animation by doing drive by shown in the video. Then you should park your cars all 4 wheels and exit the car just at the right time, because if you do it too late the air resistance opcode will be in it's full effect. (Refference point for me was when Sweet saying the word "get a car we'll me you OUT front" I think timing is not so tight on that but again, don't exit too late.
Parking of the car while taking call also seems to be important because during my "test" I got spawned either on top of the roof or on the ride side of the car. So for parking the best thing should be parking with all 4 wheels on sidewalk, shown on the video.

Here's also a quick comparison:

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- There is no need to shoot, just put the gun up with Q or E and you can exit right away (I did not test it fully, I guess you need to wait until you see CJ put it up. Once I held E too short and that did not give me back control).
- Everything is on timers: From the ringing starting to him picking up the phone to the conversation starting. Therefore, I think that cancelling the pick-up-phone animation/doing anything fancy does not speed up getting the Sweet cutscene.
- This is the only place where the game increases air resistance. In Stowaway, it decreases it the closer you get to the center of the runway. It reaches a maximum very quickly, though. I'd like to make an image but Ethan's site is down.
- It is an air resistance opcode, not a "slowdown script". A script is a file full of commands or something like that.


1) not really. I think you can look at any time, when he will try to pull out his phone he will like "Twitch" for a little bit and he get's back to aiming.
2) Maybe. But I haven't tried if pause buffer to skip dialogue would work. But that might make things overly complicated.
4) Didn't knew about it, sorry. Made edits.


This has been known about for some time but not written down anywhere: you can pause buffer your way out of collisions.

Nothing fancy, just hold ESC until the path is clear. Sometimes cars are moving too slowly and it won't work. Wastes time, but not nearly as much as crashing and falling off.

Good to keep in mind during Management Issues and WE TIP.

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@KZ_FREW I remember S showing this off and I always think about doing it when I see a car come. My brain prefers the strategy of complaining about the car than actively trying to avoid it with pause buffering though! 😃 Damn brain!


Calls cancelled by "muscle memory": 0 - for now. ^^


Just saying that the strat I posted a while ago that avoids dumping 300 uzi ammo after Pier 69 does not work "as advertised" (read: don't use it) and I am not sure the version that works is worth it. I have a post ready that I will publish once I get a video of the strat.

This is old news, but some people don't read everything on #gtasa. Wtf is wrong with you? 😛


I don't know how old this is, but pause buffering while on fire, while slow, conserves health. I lost ~5% health compared to the normal ~40%.
Jumping did not help (as was suggested in 2013^^).


555 with a bike, watch out for a cops before taking a car

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Hi SA community. Some people don't understand how to avoid 300 bullets after pier 69, or where you get the ammo for that. I'll try to explain this strat.
First of all there is 4 cases of pre T-Bone Mendez part. You either drive to the marker with a Broadway (You can save amount of ammo for the strat here and don't shoot smg anymore), but... that is slow. In second place you can get a sultan after Jizzy. Ammo situation is going to be the same as with a Broadway. Another way is getting copbike/pcj/bf after passing Jizzy. That means that you gonna spend all the ammo that you didn't waste before. And the last case, probably the most frequent, fresh and fast one, you dupe Jizzy cutscene -> skip Jizzy, which means you don't get any smg ammo at all.
So, what you wanna do in last 2 situations is what i showed in this video. Outrider seems to be the most optimal place to get ammo without a timeloss. I prefer to take 120 bullets here, but I'd say you should get ~150 to be safe (pick it up from 5 bodies if you have 0, each gives 30). Picking up ammo here might make it compicated to search for the copbike and don't lose time, but it just needs some practice.
Next part where you gonna aproach this strat is ICK start. When you hold the call and sit on nrg, CJ is gonna shoot. If you are scared about wasting too much smg, you can park the bike near the marker instead of the spot where i did that, or you can blow up satchel after parking the bike, which is pretty slow, because you will need to wait for the phonecall. The most important part of this whole strat is the end of ICK. After killing Jizzy you wanna pick up the phone and answer the call in the jump! If you do that, CJ will not switch to the smg, so you won't lose ammo that early. Next part is the bike drive. You should not crash at any point, or you will lose phone that you had in your hand. When you start pier 69, you can release call before sitting on the bike, or hold call and waste some ammo. In that case you will not lose time waiting for phone to ring near the bike. And now the last thing you need to do is hold call and release it where you need to. Don't forget to keep track of ammo, don't waste all of that. 1 bullet is enough, you will not get extra ammo.
Hopefully that's gonna help someone. Everything that i have writed here is showed in the video below.

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jizzy [dupe] note: so you can get katie to spawn w you sometimes so might as well kill her if you can, although im not sure whether or not "date is over" would be enough (which would require to only shoot her few times and not kill her, she has helluva hp). and need to look into whether or not you can spawn katie consistently because ive tried yesterday few times and couldnt do it (w diff time skipping cutscenes).


After some tests looks like you can consistently get her to spawn in the garage if you walk into the date cutscene WHILE she is exiting the car. Example:

Also, OUR BOY, PaTrIcK said that getting "date is over" is enough, which means that you can either punch her 3 times, or shoot her w something like a pistol or smg once and it should be enough.

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Using the building to teleport is more consistent, also you need only 1 bullet and that's enough to end the date.. avoiding Denise is consistent now.

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The strat is to line yourself up and don't move the camera when going past these three guys, that way they don't "recognise" you're going past them, saves a lot of armor (14s-18s in the video)

Also you can start shooting the last 2 people earlier in the hallway if you have enough health like I did.

Seems faster.

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with the latter video lelreset posted, if you're holding forward and crouch, wait til you visibly see the crouch, then sprint, you can save a small amount of time on the animation

I think I may've posted this before, but a similar technique applies to shooting weapons that make you stand still or walk to shoot that you can also crouch with (ak, spraycan). This will save a tiny fraction of time every time you stop shooting a suitable weapon, which probably adds up to a few seconds through the run at best

in this case, you shoot, let go of aim, tap crouch, then switch weapons and sprint
small comparison of shooting 'normally' and doing this

edit: if people care about having these videos archived they should download them and rehost them to youtube because streamable deletes them after like a month)

  [user deleted]

Seems to be 1second faster lol, if you mess up the inputs you will lose like 2-3 seconds because of a longer animation, so it´s kinda useless since you just just save a little amount of time, useful for IL´s tho.
Here is a video with inputs btw:
Inputs are: lmb+c+x (my running key)


Flying, stop the High Fade haircut bullshit. At least until it is figured out how you lost muscle in your attempt when Reset does not in his 4:02. If you don't lose muscle, high fade is not good enough.

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credits to marushko
copbike saves up to 9s compare to pcj/fcr with fk om0

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With this, the chances of not getting a PCJ are almost minimal.

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I thought you can't play replay after Mission Passed, because you can't recruit homies to your gang?