@faulux I don't understand, you were just lucky with this cop bike.

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you can do that in Nines and AK's aswell
btw Nagenowa stop pretending you're from Lithuania you cuck


@Nagenowa Yes, but title of video tells cop car/bike strats. There wasn't anything special with bike.

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@Kamiks0320 you can get copbike during TUT drive aswell (You can also drive-by cops if you have smg ammo)


shoutout to @thriving for grinding for few hours to get a world's first 6-shot out of the "more consistent strat".

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I've tried @lelreset 's way of skipping the BP cutscene but it wasn't consistent enough. This way seems better for me, and you skip the cutscene slightly earlier too. My reference is when The Truth starts talking. It's very important to release the call ASAP. Here I get it 5x in a row.

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Better do that a couple more times, you might (have not tested) dupe BP in the cs -> one instance gets stuck -> crash next mission start.


More consistent airport jump during hijack, no chance to crash into helicopter, also no chance to fell off into the water

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you kinda risk crash at 0:35 though


@hatethemall you should drive like this, in other cases you'll fell off the bike, there is weird bounce

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Highjack note: it seems like if you lose any momentum on @thriving 's airport jump route you better don't do it because you'll fall into the water.


not 100%, but I havent seen anyone does it like that

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Wrong escape route + you can get bike or good car instead of burrito + you can get bike on highway with a replay. Not the best comparison.

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You wouldn't really use a replay to get a bike on the highway because you'd have a Sultan replay which is much more important.


well. there is a lot of variations of good replays besides sultan, and you can get bike and sultan in one replay during ick 😕

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Ok here is what everyone's been waiting for.

DP start note (wout heli): Need to adjust for it, -1 mb -2.

Misap note: bike - stunt plane < bike - bike < bike - heli

Alt lv end route note (fiab, 2xmisap, 2xbp, md, smb): ~20s slower than the current route.

Duped VM then Duped LTF (-Stowaway, str8 to FK start) note: ~1m05s slower.

Alt LV Route (2x VM, 2x LTF, 2x BP, then norm LV for the most part) note: I did not finish the comparison for the whole alt route but from what I already have its more than 1m slower, probably end is going to be close to 2m slower.