I just wanted to put this out there in case people are interested. I don't know if this is known already.

Getting on the bridge works the same as in FLYING's video (which seems fairly consistent).

For the second part I turn around and go backwards, steering towards the center of the bridge (D) and leaning backwards.

This seemed much easier to me (although a bit slower because you drive backwards), however my only problem with it is that sometimes the bike will suddenly jump to the right and slide down that beam (last clip). I'm not quite sure how to prevent that, maybe it would be possible to be a bit more careful somehow, but it's difficult to test if a certain way is safer, since it doesn't happen very often (but often enough that I'm not sure I want to try that a few hours into a run). However with the other strat, driving on it forwards, I did fall into the water as well sometimes.

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Strat above saves 1.5-2 seconds

Using a replay just before the final marker in Drive-By causes the cutscene to skip faster, it's quite precise from my testing though
lelreset mentioned turning around before the pay n spray to make an earlier dialogue line would probably be faster with this strat
(comparison is a bit wrong, actualy timesave is about 1.5-2 seconds less than shown, because of the dialogue playing delays the fade. However, when using a replay, the dialogue continues playing while it's loading, which would save a bit of time)

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More replay related things

The above strats work with short replays

To make a short replay, you just press F2 right after a cutscene that has no fades. Examples of these include (this list is not exhaustive, go look for more)
- Big Smoke after "Keep up motherfucker"
- Big Smoke mission pass (the one above is prefered, since you don't really need to "hurry up" during the mission, but your inputs are better spent elsewhere after mission pass)
- Cleaning the Hood cutscene outside crack den
- Just Business chase start (short BF replay 🙂 )
- Pretty sure T-Bone Mendez after snips will also work, which would give you a short FCR replay

Big Smoke in particular will be useful for the Tagging Up Turf glitch posted above. It can also be used for Drive-By if you don't make a PCJ replay during OG Loc.

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Adding to the above post, short replays can also be used to make fades much quicker in other cases with no other side effects like cutscene breaking.

FLYING posted the following (in no way these are the only places where it can be used, but it's good enough for a template for people to find more):

"Since after "555 We Tip" I don't use PCJ replays for quite some time, you can get "Fast replay" during "Jizzy" mission and use it for your advantage."

Basically, any fade longer than your replay will likely benefit from using the replay.

In maths terms, using a replay right before a marker makes x second fades into (x-replay length) second fades

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I know Flying made a video about this and it's thanks to his video i was able to do this. I run with a controller and wanted to show how it's done with it. I'm still learning it myself so please forgive me for the mess ups

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Thanks for the tutorial Jay! I think I have the strat down since I fell off the bridge and failed the mission.... not sure where to go from here though? Should I check another tutorial to see what I should do now i've failed the mission? Thanks in advance!

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1.Another short replay w/ PCJ during stowaway, could be useful during ES dupe,not sure if other people know it


There's more consistent and faster way to drop into gas station during WFIYH, to perform correctly, you have to be on right speed (you can release W for a bit if you going too fast, but you will be much slower because of big turn) and right angle, so you will stop by crashing into parked car, as shown in a video.

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Mothership CS skip - saves 7 seconds

Basically,i think it depends on when you release the call - my reference for mashing F & skipping the CS right after is when camera changes and we see CJ from close up.

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I want to take a look at this, too, so unless you are in a hurry you might want to wait for a more detailed description from me before learning this.


This is an easier way of doing the AHITH satchel jump, run to the right of the usual spot where you would place the satchel and put it behind the 2 trees. Even if you screw up the jump a little bit, you should get enough height and land on the roof.

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Never saw this before from anyone. I know most of the runners won't cut fades by replays, but these two are really long. Basically if you have short replay saved(for example, bf one), then you can skip these 2 fades. Each of them will save you 2 seconds, so 4 seconds in sum.

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Hi, i wanna show you more consistent strat for headshot during "Running Dog". All thanks to Nagenowa for this one. Headshot is known as fastest strat for this mission (~10 sec faster than clover), but it's not that easy to hit sometimes. The thing that i do, is turn camera left while running, so random traffic will not pressure me when I'm aiming. I record all 5 attempts in 1 video, it shows that i didn't cut 5 random shots.
P.S third and fifth headshot wasn't ideal, but it was my mistake.

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make a replay at WFYIH of a sultan @ chinatown, use it for DP & IC, free 30s timesave


Takes some practice, however save you some cute seconds, but the most important part, the satchel, so you can perform faster saint mark's bistro without any fear of missing satchel during los desperatos

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Edit: Sorry for not testing this (the "avoid dumping 300 uzi ammo" thing) and for being an idiot. I have written a new post with a strat that works (I did it in a run) - still without a video, since I have deleted it. D :

Old wrong post
New post TODO
I have this one without video:

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Hope it helps someone. I wanna show you consistent way of wsott jump. This one save you up to 17 seconds (if you run over one of vagos in mid air). Thanks to FLYING for this route. GL!

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Best driving and shooting route for Just Business

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1.Spawn the reporter on ST depending on the traffic lights, the reporter has 2 spawns. Saves time and removes RNG.

2. Make a fast replay here, use it for for missions & most importantly Don Peyote to spawn a Sultan.

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