How to get OM0 big smoke and toreno pickin minigun OM0 hold call in hidra before bike shul?

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Smix, I can probably answer your question once you have put in the effort to explain what you mean, precisely. 🙂

Regarding OM0 Big Smoke:

There is no known way to reach OM0 in Big Smoke. Fookin Rekt a.k.a 100 other names says that he remembers a video of someone obtaining that "Big Smoke" Perennial, involving OM0. My guess is that that person used the OM changer, not "legit" methods (which is fine but he should have made that clear if he has used it).

Getting a call is not the problem (you can get in debt). The problem is getting that call right before a setup mission (a mission like 8-track/Trucking) starts. That call only comes in when you are in "LV" (R¤ messed up but no area is at a setup mission). [Debt calls lock you out of completion in Bad Lands, anyway, since you cannot get any Bad Lands call if I got it right].


Driving down the hill is faster than straight through the little ramp by 1 second on just business.


Some post that really should be in here:


Posted in useless because it is 100% strat.


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This is useless for Any% at this point but I've seen people post strats for 100% so I might as well post it here.

This could be useful for All Missions and 100% runs.


But is it even faster? Acceleration looks slow on that beach.

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Correct me if there is anything wrong (as always).

- Monster dupe is obsolete -> om0 Snail Trail is obsolete
- You can hold calls while using scoped weapons using "secondary fire" (which is only available when you switch to joypad settings; details and applications: )
- If you miss, you lose a whole lot of time. So it needs a whole lot of practice and or reference points.

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Looks like going from the parking lot to The Strip and back doing hand brakes is 8 or 9 seconds faster than doing ovals in the parking lot, as i demonstrate in this video.

Also if you fail to hold the call on Madd Dogg (i do it intentionally now cause it's easier) you don't need to worry because there's another 1 min call you can hold at the very end when you're at the hospital with Madd Dogg and that leaves you with only 2 calls to answer when doing quarry set up to dupe black project (maybe only one more call after black project if you are duping after missapropriation).

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Bike in Intensive Care is 35+ seconds faster than the heli.

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Why did yu repost the same method flying used in his 3.48 ? Bike method wus already known.

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"Repost" where was it posted? It was in the video, he of course didn't mention it in the forum as he likes to hide things.


1. Landing over the fence on You've Had Your Chips is around 5s faster than landing on the road. You also won't get trolled by some dumbass that pushes your heli with his car or a firetruck. If your heli skills are not that good I recommend slowing down before landing, so you avoid unnecessary trouble. Here's a video that shows it :

2. Shoot the farmers immediately with the rocket on Don Peyote instead of running back, shooting, and running again. It should save 1-2s.

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They are a little bit behind you so they should not disturb you.


@illuminati7777 1. I don't know why, but for some reason when I land the heli over the fence and shoot the rocket inside the factory the cutscene doesn't trigger sometimes, so I decided to just sprint and jump (it's probably less than a second slower anyways).

2. Maccer will get in your way for a moment because he's moving to the right, but he'll get out of your way before you can shoot, so don't worry about that.


Try to shoot in Admiral in YHHYC, this should trigger everytime imo.


FLYING's setup is the best setup to date but the trick is still inconsistent.


Is not EXACTLY accurate but this video still shows that newsvan strats are 2-4 seconds faster than the normal way with the vortex

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Not the correct route? Enlighten me then