How in the world do you do Deconstruction that your vehicle despawns? I never had mine despawn.


The "Interesting Vehicles" (R¤ naming) list has two slots, so your old vehicle gets "pushed out" if you get into both the Dozer and the cement truck.
My guess is that after that, your old vehicle is treated like traffic. Probably there are multiple factors involved, distance, time, you can "despawn" it.

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Interesting vehicles in SA are on 3 minute timer, unlike III and VC where they can stay forever.

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Flying, what are your reference points to get off the roof in Home in the Hills and the final wave in Home Coming?


Why did you do the yolo jump in black project (10s timesave)but not do explosive situation duping (1minute 30s save)? both are 50/50 as far as we know.

Is there a trick for getting the jump everytime?


Is that where you got your aimbot from? I don't understand russian though.

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For those wondering, the link in question is a meaningless discussion of whether it's possible to enter base in Black Project unnoticed.

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About the Deconstruction strat : the guy on the right always comes with a dozer and annoys the shit out of me + blocks me so I can't get in the truck + I don't have enough speed to destroy the last portable, how do I avoid that? In your video he doesn't even show up so there must be a strat for that but I'm doing everything that you do so it would be nice if you could tell me.


Flying deleted his post.

That's Mew's probably frame-perfect strategy.
In the ~0.2s of om0 between each attempt the property buying mission can start normally; also the game can crash.

It's a cheater-only / segmented duping setup.

Feel free to convince me that it's more reliable than it seems.

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Did you time monster dupe route vs highjack dupe route @Flying?


@lelreset Out of context question,why did you change your WR to "old PB" and made your channel name unsearchable?


That question is better asked on Discord or YouTube.

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If you do highjack dupe route, take the NRG and get the boat after TLF, it's 15-16s faster (if you're grabbing rockets and AK ammo it's around 10s faster)

Also, a safer strat for OM0 Pier 69, just shoot the boat 7 times instead of shooting Ryder (it's easier also)

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You can fly the heli, get out and hold the call on the grass near where you get 4¤ at the ranch, fly the rest of the way to the marker, and then take it there.

If you do get the call, can you hold it,jump onto the bannister, and destroy the boat using the AK? The last time I tried, I did not know that crouching helps so much for accuracy at a high distance. I am also unsure if you can consistently avoid CJ falling into the water or if that is even a thing.


I'm not sure, but that looks risky because I think CJ will fall into the water most of the times, not sure though.


CJ always lands behind the bannister just fine. The problem is that if you are slow up to the point where you can shoot and additionally are bad at aiming then Ryder could get out of reach. The mission does not fail and you can chase him but it wastes loads of time.

There is this funny backup strat if killing Ryder has to trigger a phone call for you for whatever reason. 😃
[I also linked it in the "Pause Buffering" thread]


For OM0 meat business does the call continue to hold after the cutscene or does it automatically answer? Or do you need to shoot to cancel the call after the cutscene?


TL;DR (this is rather technical, no need to bother with it unless you care about frames saved)
Just wait until the cinematic cs starts (as soon as you can see anything from the cutscene, even during the fade from black to the cs), release shift and a bit later (0.5s) skip the cutscene. That delay is to account for the possible delay between dropping coming from the phone model loading.

The way I understand you, Flying, it is impossible to work:
You say that you can drop the call in the little 500ms fade before the intro cinematic cutscene starts.
0.2 seconds after that fade started.

After that fade, the mission starts, setting om to 1 instantly, so the call has to set om=0 after that or it was in vain. So for your strat to work, there has to be a delay between releasing shift and the call thread setting om=0. According to your words, that delay has to be 500ms (fade time) minus 200ms (your timing).

That delay, as seen in the log, can only come from the phone model loading. You cannot rely on that, since the phone might already be loaded so that the load is skipped. Or the runner's hardware is not crap, or the model is cached in RAM, so it takes little time to load.

00192641&1: [00D6] IF 0
00192645&0: [8256] NOT IS_PLAYER_PLAYING 0 // FALSE
00192650&0: [004D] GOTO_IF_FALSE 192666
00192666&0: [0002] GOTO 192620
00192620&0: [00D6] IF 0
00192624&0: [00E1] IS_BUTTON_PRESSED 0 4 // FALSE
00192630&0: [004D] GOTO_IF_FALSE 192673
00192673&0: [03E6] CLEAR_HELP
00192675&0: [040D] CLEAR_MISSION_AUDIO 1
00192679&0: [00D6] IF 0
00192683&0: [0256] IS_PLAYER_PLAYING 0 // TRUE
00192688&1: [004D] GOTO_IF_FALSE 192842
00192702&1: [0489] SHUT_CHAR_UP 258 1

00192709&1: [0247] REQUEST_MODEL 330
00192714&1: [00D6] IF 0
00192718&0: [8248] NOT HAS_MODEL_LOADED 330 // FALSE

00192723&0: [004D] GOTO_IF_FALSE 192741
00192741&0: [0050] GOSUB 193435
00193435&0: [00D6] IF 0
00193439&0: [8256] NOT IS_PLAYER_PLAYING 0 // FALSE
00193444&0: [004D] GOTO_IF_FALSE 193467
00193467&0: [00D6] IF 25
00193471&0: [04AD] IS_CHAR_IN_WATER 258 // FALSE
00193476&0: [02E0] IS_CHAR_SHOOTING 258 // FALSE
00193481&0: [844B] NOT IS_CHAR_ON_FOOT 258 // FALSE
00193486&0: [0038] g409(1) == 0 // FALSE
00193493&0: [8038] NOT g43(2) == 0 // TRUE
00193500&1: [8038] NOT g1513(0) == 0 // FALSE
00193507&1: [004D] GOTO_IF_FALSE 193525
00193514&1: [0004] g1414(1) = 2
00193521&1: [03E6] CLEAR_HELP
00193523&1: [0051] RETURN
00192748&1: [00D6] IF 0
00192752&0: [0038] g1414(2) == 2 // TRUE
00192759&1: [004D] GOTO_IF_FALSE 192773
00192766&1: [0249] MARK_MODEL_AS_NO_LONGER_NEEDED 330
00192771&1: [0051] RETURN
00188712&1: [00D6] IF 0
00188716&0: [0038] g1414(2) == 1 // FALSE
00188723&0: [004D] GOTO_IF_FALSE 188744
00188744&0: [00D6] IF 0
00188748&0: [0038] g1414(2) == 1 // FALSE
00188755&0: [004D] GOTO_IF_FALSE 188769
00188769&0: [0050] GOSUB 193701
00193701&0: [0004] g15(1) = 0
00193708&0: [040D] CLEAR_MISSION_AUDIO 1
00193712&0: [040D] CLEAR_MISSION_AUDIO 2
00193716&0: [040D] CLEAR_MISSION_AUDIO 3
00193720&0: [0004] g1414(2) = 0
00193727&0: [0004] g1413(1) = 0
00193734&0: [00D6] IF 0
00193738&0: [0256] IS_PLAYER_PLAYING 0 // TRUE
00193743&1: [004D] GOTO_IF_FALSE 193778
00193750&1: [0729] TASK_USE_MOBILE_PHONE 258 0
00193757&1: [01B4] SET_PLAYER_CONTROL 0 1
00193771&1: [0489] SHUT_CHAR_UP 258 0
00193778&1: [01BD] GET_GAME_TIMER -> 19699663
00193783&1: [0004] g186(60421) = 0
00193790&1: [01BD] GET_GAME_TIMER -> 19699663
00193795&1: [0084] g186(0) = g185(19699663)
00193803&1: [0060] g186(19699663) -= g184(19699663)
00193811&1: [00BE] CLEAR_PRINTS
00193813&1: [00D6] IF 0
00193817&0: [0038] g1416(0) == 0 // TRUE
00193824&1: [004D] GOTO_IF_FALSE 193840
00193831&1: [03E6] CLEAR_HELP
00193833&1: [0002] GOTO 193847
00193847&1: [0249] MARK_MODEL_AS_NO_LONGER_NEEDED 330
00193852&1: [0004] g409(1) = 0
00193859&1: [0051] RETURN
00188776&1: [0002] GOTO 188274
00188274&1: [0001] WAIT 1000

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