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Some missions lower the friction of train tracks for non-trains for their entire duration.

If you load a save or start a new game, then the friction stays.

- Wrong Side of The Tracks (until killing every Vago) (30% friction)
- Snail Trail (40%)
- End Of The Line 3 (30%)

The strat is: Save before Snail Trail(I call it the "pre-ST save"). After Snail, save(post-ST save), load the pre-ST save and start the mission, then load the post-ST save and enjoy nice track friction until End of the Line.

The tracks on the way to Export might make it worth it.
It is a must-use for non-LP ILs.

Powdinet quote: Not the most precise of tests because my driving is bad

For testing, you can use this [speed-o-meter]( by Lighnat0r.

Train tracks friction:
opcode: 0A45 [set_rail_tracks_friction_to]
Concerns vehicles driven over the rail tracks. setting is not overwritten by starting new game[or loading], default -1.0.

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