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As the title says, our argument (the side that wants to ban GInput) is that it gives an advantage over people that don't use it allowing switching between autoaim and free aim on the fly (something which you can only do by going to the menus in a vanilla game).

So the options are as follows:
a) Ban GInput
😎 Don't ban GInput

Guide for using XInput controllers with older versions of SA without GInput:

And a video as to why most people think this should be banned:

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Since I had no run in SA yet, I'll be fine if the vote doesn't get counted.

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[5:26 PM] Patrick: I don't care enough about discussing this a lot but still the "cannot hold calls through pause buffering on kb/m" is still false.
[5:27 PM] Patrick: unless you actuallly mean pausing
[5:27 PM] hoXiu: post it in the thread then

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From the way I see it there are two solutions.

1) GInput stays allowed, but rules specify that you can't abuse features GInput adds that are not included in the original game
2) GInput is banned

1) it's hard to know whether the person is using GInput or not, and unless we hire someone to play speedrun police and go into everyone's houses to check the game files, it's not possible unless the runner says it out loud. So you are relying on trust either way, so as long as the features aren't abused it would be fine (have fun verifiers EleGiggle)
2) Ban it entirely. Impossible to make sure the runner isn't using it as mentioned above. Easier because you don't need to include in the rules "LIST OF THINGS PEOPLE WITH GINPUT CANNOT USE"

I vote A), but if people don't abuse GInput, it can stay.

tl;dr: ban abuse, if people insist on abusing it, ban it

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But if you hold call before phone rings u can easily do pause buffer w/out answering phonecall.
Idc about this.If it helps some people then

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I'm re-thinking sorry about my unthought opinion

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"Ginput allow us to finish Zero missions"
I'm sorry but how bad you are supposed to be to not be able to beat Zero missions on KB+M?

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B ) I don't see why it should be banned, I'll stop practicing if it does. This game was originally made for a controller. Just because people don't like using KB+M doesn't mean you should force them to use something else for controller input.

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B. I saw S Do 100% without a controller and he has the fastest time. I dont really see what the issue is here, other than a perceived notion of eliticism.

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Reminder that you don't need GInput to use a controller. 🙂

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Nagenowa the game was released on PS2 originally, so talk some more shit you keyboard elitist.

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"also this game wasnt made for any specific controller so @finesta is just talking shit. "

so u played PS2/xbox with a keyboard and mouse?

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1.0 HAS FULL CONTROLLER SUPPORT, what are you talking about. Just get a controller, that like Gael likes to say, isn't retarded (aka DirectInput controller).