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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Forum  /  San Andreas (seemingly) useless glitches megathread
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There are two Beat the Cocks, one requires LV but the one you are using only requires SF

This could be used to avoid driving school to dupe in RTLS, but depends if it's even faster to go there and go through all of LS to grove instead


Hmm, then yea it could be useful. High stamina and Cycling Skill requirement is still a problem though.


The spot at Jefferson motel is VERY old, I thought about everyone knew about it.


Oh ok sorry i didn't know that was discover


Apparently this is known but I'll post it anyway

Small timesave for Home Invasion IL

Posted in useless because it is IL strat.

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This is a different way of doing Doberman. Posting it here because it's most likely slower.


If you can consistently get them to spawn the way they did in wave 1 and not as spread out as they were in wave 2/3, it should be the same speed as the "usual" position people stand in.


You can get onto the invisible wall by doing the satchel jump, pretty sure it's useless in an actual run.

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@LESHENKA I know that the bridge can be crossed in many ways, the point of my post was to show a ''cool'' way of doing it if people want to mess around, that's why it's posted in this thread. Also, if you're on the bridge between the two invisible walls, this way of getting over one of them is probably the easiest one.

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Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I was doing OG LOC and flipped the car near the police station, so i got out and ran. Accidentally, I ran into the information pickup that triggers the cutscene that plays fter the first time you're busted. But within that cutscene I received a call and decided to pick it up, it was the gym call. After the gym cutscene stopped the game faded black but then got back to the front of the gym where there was a CJ that I could control, so I stole a car before if faded back, and when it did, I was in the car near the gym, not he police station anymore. I don't know what it takes to reproduce this, and it's not like teleporting from the police station to ganton would be that useful in a run anyways.


@rydershomieLB It is known glitch. Runners are using it in 100% runs.

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@Kamiks0320 Oh, i didn't know about that, thanks!


stupid, but you can pick up horseshoe with this 😃

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Now we're going to show all useless satchel jumps? I thought that's place for glitches, not using some method to get to some place.


@CaioUx it works w/ 9mm

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Can be done by quickly releasing camera aim button -> switching weapon -> pressing aim button again. Probably can be used with Pistol, Micro-SMG and Sawn-off Shotgun as well. Also, if you aim with any weapon, then walk over Jetpack, then quickly do the same button combination (Release aim -> Switch weapon -> Aim) then you can fly while aiming with any gun (for example, fly with jetpack while aiming with desert eagle or rocket launcher, sadly, you cannot shot).

First person camera can be achieved this way also.

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