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FIAB = Fish In A Barrel
If you are too lazy to read, try using fullscreen, maybe that fixes your problem, already. The rest are rather minor things unless you do something absurd like starting pause buffering half a second after skipping the cutscene.

You want to have a call and hold it before this text shows up, roughly:

You can fail by
1) being too slow to hold it
2) not getting the call

So the solutions are
1) Hold the call as soon as possible once you get it.
2) Make the call come in """faster""".
a) Make "pause buffering" as effective as possible.
b ) "Pause buffer" as soon as possible: Start early.

In depth
1) Holding asap
Preparation: Bind a shift button (e.g. right shift) to "answer call". A mouse button should also work. All other buttons should not work.
In the run: Once the phone rings, hold your button (I'll use shift). If the game is paused, unpause while still holding shift.
Make sure to test this: Outside missions, wait until a call is about to come in, then pause buffer, then do as above (read from "Once the phone rings).

2a) Make pause buffering more effective
i) Don't use filthy windower mods 😉 , use fullscreen. It has had a dramatic effect for multiple people.
ii) Set key repeat rate and delay to the fastest (use Windows search for "keyboard" - whatever it is in your language)

iii) affinity / priority:
• set gta_sa.exe priority to high (not real-time: [10:01 PM] Anti: really choppy audio and the mouse not working sometimes iirc)
• set gta_sa.exe affinity to a core other than #0: Afaik, every process uses CPU #0 by default
in general, set the core affinity of other processes to the cores that gta_sa.exe does not use - if you feel lazy, only do it for OBS and LiveSplit, those make a big difference
• maybe even set it to all cores just for the dupe. Reset claims that that makes pause buffering unstable (cause a crash - or app hang?) - test it for yourself
• for all this, remember to have prio installed ( resources -> ctrl-f for prio, read the description )
iv) overclocking
Well, look into this yourself, maybe for your hardware there is software that allows temporarily overclocking your CPU using hotkeys.

2b) Pause buffer as soon as possible
Background: In your browser go to some text field and start holding some letter. You will see that there is a delay between the first letter appearing and the second and onwards. That is called "repeat delay" in the screenshot above.
In the run: Once you duped the mission, hold Esc, shortly after, press LMB (to account for the repeat delay). That way, you pause buffer ASAP. If you use some other button than LMB, test it, it might drop your Esc key and you have to start holding it again.

3) miscellaneous
- Reset claims that looking towards the casino while pause buffering helped. I have tested it and did not find any effect. Maybe it does have an effect when there are a bunch of objects on the screen, though, who knows?

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OK, how do you make the phone call come in "faster" again?

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