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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Forum  /  All Missions - Gang Territories skip vote. (Locked)

A for allow.
B for ban.

From what I understand, you technically skip missions since the different parts of EoTL are considered missions in the game code. However, from an outside perspective it's obviously one big mission, so this is why whether this should be allowed or not could be fuzzy.

You can explain why you voted a certain way if you'd like. Thread will be locked after a week, votes counted (filtering votes from those who shouldn't really be voting) and a decision will be made based on that.


B. After all, you're skipping mission and if this gets allowed, then people will start questioning about other missions like "can we skip ___ since we skip a part of EOTL, so why we shouldn't skip it?"

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B because i want it be that way


A. Because it is really one big mission. Eotl1 and Eotl 2 is just checkpoints of it. No sense to read game code - just see to mission name 4Head "End Of The Line" - and this name not changed in any "checkpoints". So, I hope EOTL skip will be allow.

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Assuming you're keeping the "All Missions" name, B is the only logical answer



skipping a checkpoint what the code calls a "mission" isn't enough for me to say that you're not doing the mission itself.

there is a start to cut down time if you wanna do GT then do NMG and if you really head strong about that you should be doing GT then do them in your own run, but this strat was found and should be used to get the best time we can make it to be. now if somehow this strat can be over used to skip EOTL as a whole then yes my vote would be B but that doesn't appear to be the case.

also on a side note the name of the category doesn't matter it's the rules that do. All Missions could be name " why do we run this? " and still have the same rules that are in place now so please stop this the name has to match the run yes it makes it easier to understand what the run is about but to tie it into what the rules have to be is a little dumb.

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EOTL1 and 2 are not full-on missions, do not set latest mission passed (nor show any mission passed text) or increase progress. The rules say every mission with a global minimap marker have to be passed; EOTL 1 and 2 do not at any point grant a "mission passed".

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A because it's better

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A & rename to "All Story Missions" so it makes sense.

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A & rename to "All Story Missions" so it makes sense.

Choosing what to ban and what not is a non-sense the category does not make sense and it doesn't matter what we vote now the category will go to the meme board at some point.

Said that, as I am a viewer and I don't play the game (for now), I open up the leaderboard and I say oh cool there's any%, oh cool there's 100%, ok but maybe I want to watch the full story so uh, what I'm looking for is ALL STORY MISSIONS WITH ALL THE CUTSCENES%. So from the point of view of a viewer All Missions is totally useless.

So if this category All Missions exist it's because of the runners and for the runners, so only the runners should vote.
I vote whatever Reset says.

A & rename to "All Story Missions" so it makes sense.

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A. And like the 2 posts above me said, rename this to "All Story Missions" to eliminate the need for offroad, trucking, courier and etc. which would make this a 100% run without the collectables and vehicle missions. The reason for my vote is because the game calls the opcode 0318 upon the completion of EOTL 3 but not others and if you can get to that point whatever it takes- fine!


Why not create a subcategory 1 for GT skip and 1 for NMG?


EOTL1/2 doesn't give percentage or mission passed text, so i think GT skip should be allowed.

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A because instapasses are allowed in gta 3 all missions so i look at gt skip as just a strat to do the mission faster

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