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The game spawns vehicles with whatever model is loaded, so yes, riding a PCJ makes them spawn since the PCJ model is never unloaded.

The game also throws away models and loads new ones, that way you can get a PCJ from traffic in the first place.

That is also why replays make cars that are in it spawn - well, it loads their models at least.


Anyone who has done all oysters, do you have any tips on dealing with cop boats or do just need to get lucky? I'm surprised how low boat health seems to be.


The key to dealing with cop boats is to simply despawn them as soon as they spawn by flicking the camera


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So I get asked this question a lot (I'm sure lelreset does too): "How are you spraying tags so fast?"

While there's no real answer to this other than "get good" or "it's something you'll catch onto", I figured this little explanation can help some people optimize their sprays and be more efficient about it.

Speaking of efficiency, I watched a few parts of runs of other people on the leaderboard and the way they spray tags is hard to watch. Some of them are spraying left to right and up and down and it's just so wrong. You need to be spraying right at the center of the tag for the most part, like right here:
I don't know what the left to right deal is, but if you do that you need to drop that habit right now.

Distance is also a seriously important factor, you should be standing as close to the tag as possible when spraying it.
Standing this far away, this tag will spray in exactly 29 frames if aiming at the right spot:
But if you're standing just this much further away, the tag will take almost twice as long to spray:

I made this video demonstrating how I spray tags, notice that if I need to turn around and run in the opposite direction after spraying a tag, I turn around slightly before the tag is finished spraying. Because of travel time between the spray can and the tag, spray is still being applied to the tag even when I'm not looking at it or spraying.
[deleted video]

lelreset also made this video with inputs onscreen:

Tag spraying is something you just need to get good at though, just with most other things in the run.

The spray can reticle while it is invisible, is still aiming at the same spot as with a regular gun so it's easy to know exactly where you're aiming.

As for the up and down thing, making these very subtle movements up and down does not affect anything (I think), it's just a habit. Moving the camera up and down slightly like this also does not slow down the time it takes to spray the tag like left and right would. I guess it's just the way the tag's hitboxes were poorly made.

[Re: is auto-aiming optimal?]
I've never tried this with a controller to autoaim with, so can't answer.


Already in discord but I'll put it here too.

All tags without infinite paint exploit. The cans spawn in the two locations shown in the video and respawn after 6 minutes.

I tried to keep the route similar to the conventional route so it would be easy to go back and forth between the two, shouldn't take very long at all to learn this route if you want to try it.

Most important thing to note, if you go too fast you will have to wait on spray cans. It can theoretically happen on pick ups 3, 4, 5 and 7. I have only had a problem with 5 and 7 iirc.

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I’ve been working the past few days on finding a way to consistently steal a cop/news helicopter during all Horseshoes. I have yet to find a method that is consistent. It is a place that you can easily save/lose time and everyone seems to do it a different way.
I want to try some new things so if you have any ideas feel free to post, doesn’t matter if you have any experience with it I will try anything including using different buildings.


i think i posted this on the wrong thread so i deleted it and reposted here
100% consistent gun on the second half of big smoke:
after the "shit a ballas car is onto us..." cutscene finishes, head towards the betting shop, and two ballas will be stuck either on the exit of the parking lot or in the middle of the road. run them over por 60 micro smg ammo, also, because they are the ballas that should be in the car, they won't chase you afterwards. you gotta be fast because that point in the map isn't close enough for the homies to keep pedalling so it has the potential to slow you down
i like this because once you've got the hang of it,it saves you from a potential slow down due to bad rng (no cops, drugdealers or armed ballas spawning)