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many do not know this well is a version of was released in 2007 in Japan?? but only exclusive to PS2 and published in that country under the distribution of Capcom Japan

the JP version of PS2 However not corrected Glitches of is used for the speedruns and this would indicate if it can happen but you can take a duration of 4 and 5 and 6 hours that you have of yes you have a PlayStation 2 and the emulator of PCSX2

in the case of a PlayStation 2 you would take in 6 and 7 and 8 hours

in the case of a PCSX2 emulator it would take you in 4 and 5 hours In passing this version.

first I leave a link for the download in the ISO weighs the same as the PC version of the game and since recommended to have the PCSX2 emulator -

second when the download is finished if they have emulator change all the settings if they are not going to slow down

third to play it pay attention to this First delete all the settings of the PCSX2 buttons to make an adaptation of the PC buttons this time for Emulator

if you are interested with a control, find tutorial videos

Number 2 Pad = ⬇ (Right Analog Stick PS2)
Number 4 Pad = ➡ (Right Analog Stick PS2)
Number 6 Pad = ⬅ (Right Analog Stick PS2)
Number 8 Pad = ⬆ (Right Analog Stick PS2)
A = ⬅ (Left Analog Stick PS2)
D = ➡ (Left Analog Stick PS2)
W = ⬆ (Left Analog Stick PS2)
S = ⬇ (Left Analog Stick PS2)
Space bar = ✖️
Left Click and Control key = ?
F and G = ?
Shift key = ⬛
Right Click and R = R1
Tab = L1
P = Start (do not adapt the ESC button because they are activated in the hidden screen mode)
V = Select
L3 = C (Toggle Crouch)
↑ = Up
← = Left
↓ = Down
→ = Right
R3 = H
R2 = Q
L2 = E
Down Mouse = ⬇ (Right Analog Stick PS2)
Right Mouse = ➡ (Right Analog Stick PS2)
Left Mouse = ⬅ (Right Analog Stick PS2)
Up Mouse = ⬆ (Right Analog Stick PS2)

I found a video tutorial on how to play the emulator with the Mouse but it is in Spanish

Another thing that I already say is that many players are not going to like to play this version, I'm going to teach them. These are the three reasons

first the ability of Slide Bug to walk slower in the PS2 version and that bothers them

second because the emulator is Crashes

third to move the mouse and the game camera moves fast and you can not move the address place

it makes me want to do a speedrun of this version of the game but I need to do two things first I need to download OBS second I will train to do several things much faster the JP?? version and so I do the speedrun ?

Sorry for the bad English I put in because I speak Spanish 😕

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Thanks And by the way the good thing of this version is that there are texts in English?? C:

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What kind of glitches can you do on the Japanese version that you can't on the regular?

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I guess, the most significant difference is probably there's no Pimping mission in the Japanese PS2 version, but 100% would still be slower even without that compared to PC version.

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I'm going to give you the explanation why Pimping missions were eliminated because there was a programming error if the missions were activated the cars disappear 😕


fer luis Japanese rule is strict bc drugs and bad word , anything banned so they censor many it


Go find them glitches, we're listening 4Head