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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Forum  /  Home Invasion mission got duped

I was just normally trying to do any% run and ran to Home Invasion start marker and then I suddenly realised that I somehow duped the mission. I swear I didn't have OnMissionChanger in background or anything. Does anyone have any explanations why it happened? I played normal PCJ replay right before it to minimize fade out time. I tried to do it again and did same things but no. If someone wants to investigate it more, go ahead. Never seen anything like this. Here's a video of it

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I can't remember seeing progress with denise bar before or at any point. Maybe also because I don't pay attention to that. But how I can be able to get phonecall if the call timer start after game sets your to OM0 when passing the mission (e.g Los Sepulcros) and there is that 15s-1min phonecall timer and I was not that long in OM0 there. I can also link full video of my ls if you want to.

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It didn't happen for 300 years with any1, not even with Joshimuz who had everything happen to him, and all of a sudden it happens 2times lately Thinking

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game wants to finally start duping in LS

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alright that makes sense. Must be extremely lucky to get perfectly timed phonecall + indicator + mission start randomly in a run🤔

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Is it possible to just get the normal call 0.5 seconds before the GF call and hold the call instead of starting a mission, and then having the held call + OM0?


this is such a random thing, you can only dream about getting it in a run.

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