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I have searched everywhere for this, with no luck thus far. There is a 1.01 EU No-CD exe in the Resources section, but there appears to be an incompatibility (crashing) with the downgraded Steam version when using it.

Here's the link to the official 1.01 US patch updater:

And the EU one:

This patches the 1.0 version of the game and updates the exe. But in order to run it, you need the DVD to be running (or at least a virtual mount). For those of us who bought the game on Steam and use the downgrader, this is a non-starter.

I have tried the 1.01 EU exe that you can find in the Resources section and my game frequently crashes and black screens, which doesn't happen with the 1.0 US exe. This happens regardless of whether the game is untouched or patched using the patch updater.

Really, I just want 1080p support without the use of mods for speedrunning. At this rate I'll just have to buy the bloody game on eBay and make sure it's the right version.


As someone who has used the downgraded Steam version with that 1.01 EXE, I can't say I had any issues with regular crashes using it. Do you run the game with one core affinity? Not doing so can be linked to crashes and black screens. Sometimes running the game in Windows 98 compatibility mode once and then going back to normal can also help for me. But yeah, the two shouldn't be incompatible in my experience.