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57s circle airstrip and 41s destroy targets along with his other times in flight school is strange....not saying it's impossible because i'm no expert on optimal flying but i've not seen anyone get those times


Actually looking at his/her tagging up turf it looks like the person is indeed using a controller


Think I may have gotten a 57s one point in circle airstrip. I know I have gotten a 41s destroy the target. Wondering if his despawn thing was actually him just looking backwards? Does that despawn stuff?


Are the tools that he use widely available? It's gonna be interesting if someone did a "TAS" run with these tools and the newest strats to see how fast can SA any% be.

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I guess you could say the "FLYING" in the run is very good.................... ba dum tsssssssss
should i leave? Kappa

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The traffic de/respawning is them instantly looking down in 1 frame then instantly looking back to where it was on the next frame. It doesn't always show up on the video because it happens so fast but it's defiantly not normal human movements. It's see-able if you watch at 56:20 in slowest youtube speed.

When I have free time I plan to find everyway possible to cheat a speedrun so I/we know what to look for the future, I've already found some aimbots and such designed for SAMP, and then camera stuff could probably be a simple AutoHotkey script. I'll also watch the whole run and try to find everything fishy I can and try to replicate it.


I'm not calling it a normal speedrun.
Those familiar with console superplays call it TAS. Tool-assisted speedruns.
I'm not sure if the community will tolerate separate category for assisted speedruns though.

Lets admit it - he's not using hacks. It's legit as long as he's not messing with game's code itself,
though I wouldn't add it to table of records.

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This is an RTA website, TASes should be submitted to an applicable website and LABELLED HEAVILY that they are NOT A HUMAN PERFORMED RUN AND/OR TOOL ASSISTED. It was an attempt to pass it off as a normal human RTA run, there was never any mention of tools used... and it was submitted to this leaderboard.

If you want tas-es, go to This was cheating, nothing more nothing less

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netwizard, I'm sorry, I was an idiot.


Doing my big note taking watch through now, but there is something I'm really confused about. Can someone tell me what happens at 23:30? CJ instantly gets out of the car and Flying has control over him. Is this a strat I don't know about?


Hm? I like it when people make speedruns using legitimate tools.
I don't care if he's using tricks, as long he's not using heavy cheats like entering codes for weapons or invulnerability or hacking game's code.

As long as I know, "" doesn't have videos for San Andreas. So I'll stay at this forum a bit longer, I guess.
Maybe original poster will put more videos like this? I find them entertaining.

You think it's not legitimate? Dont add it to leaderboard then. No big deal.


He deleted everything, so...^^
Otherwise, I share your interest in GTA TASes but your apathy towards trying to let it pass as legit here still confuses me. ^^

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We KNOW it's not legitimate, it's INNNNNNNNNNNNNNHUMANE to shoot like that in just business. Unless there's some aim assist glitch that aims straight to the enemies' head that we don't know about?
You know what they say though, innocent 'til proven guilty BrokeBack

@josh Never seen that before, doesn't matter anyways because stars dissapear after mission passed and you have to regain them back again.


"Just business" - most enemies are scripted to be at predetermined places.
I believe you can easily do it yourself without using autoaim.

Black screen fades out, you press button, mouse moves 140 pixels to the left,
80 pixels up, shoot, move 200 pixels to the right, shoot and so on.

Notice inhuman mouse movement when he shoots while crouching and
compare it to shooting while running afterwards. It clearly wasn't assisted.

Next, on the roof. Not sure, but I think enemies' positions and their behavior
is predetermined here, too. All he needs to do is like
"move mouse 140,50, shoot, press W for 0.6 sec, move mouse 90, 90, shoot"

All this can be done using AutoHotKey. Not an auto-aim, which clearly is hacking.


Well, I'm your average ordinary user, totally new to this forum.
No wonder I don't rage about tools usage.

If I were a speedrunner, who spent days and days on running games,
of course I would have a feeling like "he used some tricks, invested far
less time than me, he doesn't know how hard it was for me to make
a run, and now he simply denied all my work using tricks".

But I'm not a speedrunner. And I don't have a feeling that this TASed run
ruins other's people work. It simply falls in other category.

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Yes, it works, CJ is teleported out of the car if you park near the lamppost. But I don't know how to take control in the cutscene and this trick doesn't save any time.

At 1:40

The cutscenes are really weird and inconsistent in this game.


@netwizard It's not a matter of ruining anyones work (which it clearly doesn't) or that he invested less time (he may even have invested more). The issue isn't with using tricks or tools that aren't usually allowed, I'm sure everyone would welcome a TAS and be interested in how it works. The issue is just with trying to pass it off as a regular run without any explanation (whether due to ignorance of the rules or malice), even after he got called out for it.

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netwizard: here: SA modded in 35 minutes:

Here, SA modded in 0 hours, 0 minutes, 0 seconds and 0 frames (from gaining control on). 😃 SCRLog "proof" at end of post.


DW, I'm just trolling. 😃 I know what you mean by TAS.

¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ SCRLOG ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤
> Logging started

script noname
Local variables dump:
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
9 9

00000000&0: [0002] GOTO 43808
00043808&0: [0002] GOTO 53156
00053156&0: [0002] GOTO 53720
00053720&0: [0002] GOTO 55948
00055948&0: [0002] GOTO 55960
00055960&0: [0002] GOTO 55976
00055976&0: [03A4] SCRIPT_NAME "MAIN"
00055987&0: [016A] DO_FADE 0 0
00055993&0: [042C] SET_TOTAL_NUMBER_OF_MISSIONS 147
00055998&0: [030D] SET_PROGRESS_TOTAL 187
00056003&0: [0997] SET_MISSION_RESPECT_TOTAL 1339
00056008&0: [01F0] SET_MAX_WANTED_LEVEL 6
00056012&0: [0111] SET_DEATHARREST_STATE 0
00056016&0: [00C0] SET_TIME_OF_DAY 8 0
00056022&0: [04E4] REQUEST_COLLISION 2488.56 -1666.86
00056034&0: [03CB] LOAD_SCENE 2488.56 -1666.86 13.3757
00056051&0: [062A] SET_FLOAT_STAT 165 800.0
00056061&0: [062A] SET_FLOAT_STAT 23 50.0
00056070&0: [062A] SET_FLOAT_STAT 21 200.0
00056079&0: [062A] SET_FLOAT_STAT 160 0.0
00056089&0: [0629] SET_INT_STAT 181 0
00056096&0: [0629] SET_INT_STAT 68 0
00056102&0: [0053] CREATE_PLAYER 0 2488.56 -1666.86 12.8757 -> 0
00056124&0: [0002] GOTO 56153
00056153&0: [06CF] COMMAND_06CF 0
00056157&0: [0746] SET_RELATIONSHIP 1 8 0
00056165&0: [0746] SET_RELATIONSHIP 4 8 7
00056173&0: [0746] SET_RELATIONSHIP 3 8 9
00056181&0: [0746] SET_RELATIONSHIP 3 8 14
00056189&0: [0746] SET_RELATIONSHIP 3 7 0
00056197&0: [0746] SET_RELATIONSHIP 4 7 8
00056205&0: [0746] SET_RELATIONSHIP 3 7 9
00056213&0: [0746] SET_RELATIONSHIP 3 7 14
00056221&0: [0746] SET_RELATIONSHIP 3 9 0
00056229&0: [0746] SET_RELATIONSHIP 3 9 8
00056237&0: [0746] SET_RELATIONSHIP 3 9 7
00056245&0: [0746] SET_RELATIONSHIP 4 9 14
00056253&0: [0746] SET_RELATIONSHIP 3 14 0
00056261&0: [0746] SET_RELATIONSHIP 3 14 8
00056269&0: [0746] SET_RELATIONSHIP 3 14 7
00056277&0: [0746] SET_RELATIONSHIP 4 14 9
00056285&0: [0746] SET_RELATIONSHIP 3 10 11
00056293&0: [0746] SET_RELATIONSHIP 3 10 13
00056301&0: [0746] SET_RELATIONSHIP 3 11 10
00056309&0: [0746] SET_RELATIONSHIP 3 13 10
00056317&0: [0746] SET_RELATIONSHIP 4 13 11
00056325&0: [0746] SET_RELATIONSHIP 4 11 13
00056333&0: [07AF] GET_PLAYER_GROUP 0 -> 65536
00056341&0: [01F5] GET_PLAYER_CHAR 0 -> 1
00056349&0: [0373] SET_CAMERA_BEHIND_PLAYER
00056351&0: [0173] SET_CHAR_HEADING 1 262.0
00056361&0: [0434] START_CREDITS
00056363&0: [0000] NOP
00056365&0: [0001] WAIT 0

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someone should maybe look into interdiction duping? Maybe it would save some time.
I tried it a while ago but the mission softlocked for me because the contraband wouldn't land
Edit: If we even have a call for it
Edit2: Good job me for posting it on this thread Kappa b


what would duping interdiction do? wouldn't it just skip Verdant Meadows?