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I wrote in irc already but here again, so it doesn't get lost.

I timed the first cutscene/loading screen on different hardware and FPS setups because Misterpost complained about his loading times.

SSD @ 30 FPS - 135 Frames = 4.5 sec
HDD @ 30 FPS - 188 Frames = 6.266666666667 sec
RAM Disk @ 30 FPS - 135 Frames = 4.5 sec
HDD @ 25 FPS - 175 Frames = 7 sec
HDD @ 26 FPS - 191 Frames = 7.34615384615 sec

An SSD brings down the loading times to the minimum, so RAM Disk doesn't do anything better.

I can time some other loading times if you want, i think tirean talked about mountain cloud boys being bad. But i would need saves for the 1.0 Version.


By these numbers shouldnt all the runners ''mod'' their game to 30 fps to make it more fair/faster? + get a SSD/RAM Disk (the one runner prefers)

but tbh you need to use external programs to make Sa run at 30 so wouldnt that make it more complicated/unfair for new people that wanna compete and dont know how to change FPS?


That's pretty interesting, I wonder how much time that adds up to over a full run, anyone fancy testing every single loading screen? 😃

If it is a substantial amount (define substantial) then maybe we need to start taking out loading screens for a 5+ hour game, or tell everyone to play SSD/RamDisk @ 30FPS


Im not gonna get a new piece of hardware and run at a non-standard FPS


Assuming every mission has the same load times as Jolzi listed, that's a total loss of ~3.5 minutes (2.5 seconds ¤ 87 missions) on HDD @ 25FPS compared to SSD/RamDisk @ 30FPS

Any idea what the load times for 25FPS on SSD/Ramdisk are? I'm assuming the same difference as 25-30FPS on HDD (Just under 0.75 seconds) which would mean that 25FPS loses ~1 minute to 30FPS on HDD and maybe SSD/RamDisk too

Maybe we need to start using ingame timer or something, or at least list the ingame timer on leaderboards so we can see the difference (as long as its single segment ofc, no reloads)


The first cutscene is special because there are 3 cutscenes with loading screens in a row. I doubt you would save 2.5 sec anywhere else.


well i took joshs pb vs omegas pb and measured "cutscene" times during big smoke, ryder, tugging up turf, cleaning the hood and first cutscene from drive-thru.
josh is 4.1 seconds faster combined, 1.6s of which came from first cutscene


Can we make 30fps forbidden yet ?
It was only allowed in the first place because of bad reasons.


ramdisk vs OCed RAM ramdisk

sum of 5 best times from big smoke cutscene
..........mhz timings
19.93 2133 10-10-10-26
20.07 1866 9-9-9-24
20.13 1333 6-6-6-19
20.33 800 5-4-4-15
20.40 2133 11-11-11-28
21.33 1333 9-9-9-24 my STOCK ram settings


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