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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Forum  /  Eben, see this. (Locked)

Ебеновый ты... блядь, ебаный ты сука дегенерат. Амёба британская, нахой. Твою девушку ебут блять иммигранты темнокожие в подворотнях Швеции, пока ты там дрочишь в твиттере последние три месяца один и тот же видос с негром, потому что это дохуя смешно, что негр поёт про пятницу. Ты, ёбоманое говно, чего нахуй вообще в жизни добился, пидр, а? Пока дети на Донбассе, бля, спидраны бросают и поступают в эти ваши... эти... юнивёрсити. Сука ёбоманая, падла блядская.
(You = Eben) You fucking... you fucking degenerate bitch. Amoeba british, fuck it. Your girlfriend is being fucked by black immigrants in the back alleys of Sweden while you've been jerking off on Twitter for the last three months the same video with a black man, because it's fucking funny that a black man sings about Friday. You fucking shit, what the fuck have you achieved in your life, faggot, huh? While the kids are in the Donbass, damn it, they leave speedruns and enter these yours... these... universities. Fucking bitch, fucking bastard.

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What exactly is your point?

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reminds me of 2014 facebook FeelsStrongMan

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Making people quit speedruns so they join university sounds pretty based not gonna lie

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Donbas Dmitri over here is beginning Meltdown May with a running start, honestly.

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Starting a thread in russian so fellow brainlets could understand the text aswell, +respect for thinking of others 👍

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(edited: )

shoutouts to all the fellas who thought this was me who started the thread

good translation as well (it isn't)

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And that's a good speedrunner community? What the hell is going on here?

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