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practicing LS% btw

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There should be requirements laid out for who should be allowed to vote.

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People who vote B are as free to vote as people who voted A, just because something is starting to not go your way does not mean the vote is being brigaded.

Known member roles do not mean anything, half of those "known members" play other GTAs which are completely different from SA.

Some A voters (including Anti) have absolutely no runs on the leaderboard.

English_Ben was the first to start this "brigading" by posting a comment other than A or B

Who is really brigading the vote?


@lelreset i've seen Anti practice LS% therefore he should be allowed to vote

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I've done LS runs but why would I submit a run where i complete about 25% of the full game lmao

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Fixed it 🙂


Should have Super Mario Sunshined this bitch. Takes care of the randoms and the other gta runners who are voting.

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really we need to poll for this? LS% is just a segment run if we said to add LS% wouldn't that mean to add all the segments? no it wouldn't if you like running LS% then post your run on the meme board where it belongs. can we shut down these these kind of post that seem to come around each year?

P.S polls should be held on the forum not in discord. Now who is allowed to vote i'll leave up to the mods to say who should and shouldn't vote. and when will this poll end?

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