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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Forum  /  Where are tape_5's and Sovdan's runs ?
  ramzes369ramzes369 and traded world record in the No Major Glitches and All Story Missions categories, but their runs aren't there anymore. Can anyone fill me in ?

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Check this thread and you'll find the answer.

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Not only tape and sovdan removed their runs because of the recent incident. Many more runners did.

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controlSpeed, redopters, sovdan, tape_5, maksandrych, c06okie, paschalBrush, dinectra, ezekahh (this isn't full version of list)

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How many more runners must leave before something is done to try and stop the ever growing problem of having completely inaccurate leaderboards?

A big group of runners was banned in the Super Mario Sunshine community a while back, and all the times are still on the boards.

Having leaderboards as inaccurate as this makes keeping those leaderboards at all completely nonsensical and absurd.

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Yeah now literally every major category doesn't show the actual world record lol

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