San Andreas (seemingly) useless glitches megathread
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San Andreas (seemingly) useless glitches megathread
Friesland, Netherlands

You're saying the random variable is set at the beginning of the game and then never changes again?

no, it changes every 30-50 seconds


BubbleBobbler is right, sorry for inaccurate description. Every time state is changed, new random number between 30000 and 50000 is generated.

Another dupe method using property and burglar. Posted in useless because the timing is so precise it is ridiculous and you only get 1 chance per property.

Buy Property Get phone call directly after to prevent property purchased cutscene Hold call, get in van Release call and start burglar as fast as you can Then cancel and start it again when markers appear on map

Perhaps someone who is good at looking at the code could work out the timing to make it more viable. You will also never be able to use the property.

The mission only started twice btw 1 instance just failed and the car stayed there.

Video is bad quality sorry.

Washington, USA

I've done this on Xbox many times. Interesting to see that using burglary can actually dupe a mission.

You can dupe black project as many times as you want. If you dupe quarry x10 then start black project it starts 10 times. Also counts as 10 missions done.


Washington, USA

If it counts as 10 missions done what would that mean exactly?

Nothing probably that's why its in the useless section

Washington, USA

That sucks. Sometimes I forget this is the useless section. lol

Missions that work like Black Project and quarry (can dupe it multiple times) - both useless

Fender Ketchup and Trucking Vertical Bird and quarry or trucking.. i forgot which

Fender Ketchup only passes once Vertical Bird softlocks

Also if you dupe cut throat business, Riot starts twice. If you then try and dupe Riot the game crashes EleGiggle


Can you clarify the Riot thing, please? When I start CTB twice and pass it, one instance passes, the other one remains (it does nothing though since it never "realized" that the first cutscene has ended and just waits indefinitely). When I then start Riot, I get two instances of Riot that I can finish just fine to skip Los Desperados. Is it the same for you? If yes, what does "if you then try and dupe Riot" mean? Starting a third Riot using the on mission changer?

Yeah thats how it works for me. I was trying to get Riot x3 but it doesn't work. After you pass CTB x2 there is no way to dupe, must be the same as having a mission running normally so starting trucking quarry BB or bike school crashes the game. Duping it with on mission changer gets Riot x3 and you can pass all 3

This tries to skip the first 2 objectives of the mission but CJ doesn't have the valet uniform. Also happens in Don Peyote, it starts the cutscene where you pick up paul and maccer then the game crashes.


This was supposed to be an instapass? 99% of the time it crashes when you combine two missions, but maybe with the right version it is an instapass and does not crash (do not get your hopes up, 99%).

I have a decompiled main.scm, I think it is from (last GTA:SA link).

:COPCAR_14644 09C1: unknown_text_flag 0 01E5: show_text_1number_highpriority GXT 'COPCART' number 61@ time 200 flag 1 // You have seconds to return to a police vehicle before the mission ends.

:COPCAR___14667__ wait 0 jump @COPCAR_14328

The position of the wait statement determines where the jump goes to. It is at 14667 (check the underlined number). So when you start 555, it starts at 14667, somewhere between the 14647 and 14688 from the next few lines:

:SCRASH3___14647__ if 0500: player $PLAYER_CHAR skin == "VALET" on_bodypart 17 else_jump @SCRASH3_14688 0784: set_player $PLAYER_CHAR textureCRC 0 modelCRC 0 bodypart 17 Player.Build($PLAYER_CHAR)

:SCRASH3___14688__ wait 1000 Camera.SetBehindPlayer Camera.Restore_WithJumpCut 02A3: enable_widescreen 0 0792: disembark_instantly_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR Player.CanMove($PLAYER_CHAR) = True fade 1 1000 06AB: set_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR all_weapons_hidden 0 jump @SCRASH3___18160__

the jump statement jumps to

:SCRASH3___18160__ 0629: change_integer_stat 304 to 1 $1872 = 1 $1869 = 1 01E3: show_text_1number_styled GXT 'M_PASSD' number 0 time 5000 style 1 // MISSION PASSED! 0629: change_integer_stat 336 to 1 Player.ClearWantedLevel($PLAYER_CHAR) 0394: play_music 1 030C: progress_made += 1 $CRASH_SF_TOTAL_PASSED_MISSIONS += 1 $VALET_UNIFORM_AVAILABLE = 1 0318: set_latest_mission_passed 'SCRA_1' // 555 WE TIP Marker.Disable($MARKER_TRIADS_SF_GARAGE) $MARKER_TRIADS_SF_GARAGE = Marker.CreateIconAndSphere(15, $X_SF_GARAGE, $Y_SF_GARAGE, $Z_SF_GARAGE) Marker.Disable($532) return

I thought it was just skipping part of the mission?

This was the last line from vigilante if not in a cop car (I used SCRLog) 00005818&0: [0001] WAIT 0 which is

:COPCAR_5818 wait 0 01BD: $CURRENT_TIME_IN_MS2 = current_time_in_ms Actor.StorePos($PLAYER_ACTOR, $TEMPVAR_X_COORD, $TEMPVAR_Y_COORD, $TEMPVAR_Z_COORD) gosub @COPCAR_18593 if 58@ == 1 jf @COPCAR_5873 jump @COPCAR_14808

That ends up somewhere around after you get the valet uniform

Or am i doing it wrong OpieOP


Yes, you are supposed to do it after completing a level. :P

My bad. ^^ Whatever, the game crashes on passing with your "method" and Nick says it will crash at the end for the potential instapass as well. If not on starting. Still, I am interested if I fluked another instapass. :D

Edit: clarification: "at the end" = on mission passed.


No spot to teleport you to where you want to be in ICK And Badlands as far as i know

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Not sure how this works. what i did was dupe wear flowers, then passed the mission, it started again then i killed truth, entered the mission again and it insta-passed. 555 crashed though.

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Riot can be started during bloodbowl. I started bloodbowl twice then started riot but still only got riotx2 DansGame

Second bloodbowl just gets cancelled when starting riot?

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